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A Smart Entrepreneur Always Goes With The Best Concierge Security Services

The primary objective of hiring any security is to enhance safety. But concierge security services has lots more benefits than that. How about paying for one thing and getting the other thing absolutely free. Concierge security is truly one such thing. Normally we relate the term concierge with hotels. But technically speaking, concierge security is...

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Video Monitoring For Business In Edmonton

Video monitoring for businesses, especially in Edmonton, has become very important. In a report by Maclean’s, Edmonton has a crime rate index of 123. In comparison, the average for Canada is 75.25.  The higher the risk, the better your security system should be. Therefore, to keep your business safe, you must have a proper security...

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How Effective Is An Alarm Response Service in Edmonton

Alarm Response Service is the most reliable and cost-effective way to protect your valuable property. Alarm response systems are getting more and more popular these days. The market has observed a more than a 40% increase in demand in the past few months. CCTV and audible alarm response service safeguard commercial businesses and their premises....

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A Right Security Consultant-Best Choice For A Prime Business.

A right security consultant can be a blessing to your prime business undoubtedly. Cybercriminals pose a significant threat to your online business. If you are running a full-fledged business, especially an online business, you cannot afford this risk. So, it becomes the need of the time to engage a security consultant to your business. Every...

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Best Security Guard Company In Edmonton- G 24 Services

If you are looking for the best security guard company in Edmonton, you are just in the right place. Guard 24 is the leading Security guard service in Edmonton, Alberta, and Calgary. We are dignified professionals striving to provide services that exceed your expectations.  We enjoy high esteem in comprehensive services for both commercial and...

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Benefits of having a Fire Watch Security Guard in Edmonton

A fire watch Security is a provisional arrangement to check your property at specific intervals. It potentially eliminates the risk of extreme fire hazards situations. Hiring a fire watch guard can safeguard your life and property. They monitor the areas that need fire security. In case of any emergency, they act swiftly by alerting the...

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Importance of construction Site Security Edmonton is the need of the hour

Construction site security can be very challenging. Construction sites are highly valuable work areas and are always vulnerable. They are a natural and one of the easiest targets for thieves and vandals if not appropriately secured. Therefore construction site security Edmonton is really important for the continuation of the work. The equipment, materials, and most...

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Why Do We Offer Pandemic Security Guard Services?

Increased pandemic security guard services demand COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak has proved to be one of the hardest times in the history of the world. Lockdown has turned almost everything upside down. Security guard services providers are a reliable helping hand for all amidst quarantine period. Security services are backing up retails, banks, franchises, grocery stores,...

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