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Yes, that’s true. And surprisingly, the most frequently stolen items are clothes, perfumes, jewelry, and other accessories. Shopkeepers and business owners take different necessary actions and implement multiple approaches to mitigate the risks, but unfortunately, they experience the same issues every month. Things will not work until you hire a professional retail security service in Edmonton.

A highly skilled team of retail security is more than a visual deterrent to thieves and shoplifters. They are observant, alert, and proactive, and keep a strong eye on every visitor and customer entering the shop.

"Did You Know More than 50,000 People are Charged with Shoplifting Every Year in Canada?"

Our retail security guards in Edmonton have gained an outstanding reputation by working with a lot of reputable brands in different cities in Canada. Our professionals offer exemplary services as they are also trained in first aid, fraud awareness, and different disciplines, which means we can help you run all the operations smoothly and hassle-free.

If you want to improve your brand's reputation and bolster the security of your shop or store, it's best to consult with our retail security guard company, which can help provide a safe environment for both customers and shopkeepers.

Your Customer’s Safety is Our #1 Priority, making us an Ideal Retail Security Company

Guard24 understands the uniqueness of every business and retail store. Therefore, we develop customer-centric and highly dependable security plans for all the shopping centers, shops, malls, and buildings.

We also have been offering excellent retail security services and Bank Security Services in Edmonton for more than a decade, and consider our customer’s safety our #1 priority in all situations and circumstances. This makes us an ideal choice for every retailer in town.  

Have a look at our services and find out how we help provide strong security:

  • Handle all kinds of disasters and deal with critical situations.
  • Crowd control and management
  • Assist in theft deterrence
  • Assist during medical emergencies
  • Highly responsive to criminal activities.
  • Patrol parking lots.
  • Help people find lost items or children.

Hire a Cutting-edge Customized Retail Security Agency for safe operations

Whether you own a small local shop, a big departmental store, or have a double-story shopping complex, your employees, accessories, property, and overall assets need strong security and protection from thieves and robbers.

We know that every retailer has own specific needs and requirements. For example, a newly launched clothing store will have a different layout, requirements, number of employees, and location as compared to a grocery store that has different branches in multiple locations.

No matter the size and location of your shop, our team works with you to build a cutting-edge security system that is significantly tailored based on your requirements. By doing this, you can simply focus on things that matter the most, instead of worrying about your security needs.

Hire our proven retail security guards in Edmonton today and operate successfully with no fears of theft or damage.

Are You Facing These Security Challenges Every Day? Let us help!

When it comes to the retail and shopping industry, business owners face lots of security challenges every day, ranging from shoplifting to contact tracing.

If you want to mitigate all the risks, you need to enhance your security standards. That can be efficiently done by our retail security agency in Edmonton, which has previously served thousands of retailers in Canada.

Some of the common security challenges you must be facing today, are:


Shoplifting is one of the most common problems retailers face today. But now you can deter them with constant video surveillance. Our retail security guards can simply limit unauthorized access to staff only through an efficient access control system.

Internal Theft

Many business owners experience internal theft regularly. However, with proper security guards in place, you can mitigate that risk and stop internal theft issues with the help of a loss prevention system. This is combined with video surveillance, strict monitoring, and everyday reporting. 

Remote surveillance

If you have limited staff members, you can simply fill the gap by having an advanced video surveillance system. You can easily view video feeds of every part of the store and even monitor activities outside the premises.

Contact Tracing

There are hundreds of customers who come into your store every day, it’s quite important to know the details of them so you can help reduce the risks of germs and other issues. That’s the reason when you partner with a professional retail security company in Edmonton, you can mitigate all the risks and problems that disturb your business as the professionals are exclusively trained to manage all the activities carefully.

Why Do People Choose Our Retail Security Guards Over Others in the Industry?

There are lots of reasons why people prefer our security services over others in the industry. Some of the common ones are:

  • We are committed to excellence.
  • We are dedicated and professional.
  • We have years of experience
  • We have a strong presence in the industry.
  • We have a 100% customer satisfaction record
  • We are more affordable than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential security risks arising in the retail industry?

Some of the common risks in retail security include fraud, internal theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, organized retail crime, shoplifting, and others.

What are the responsibilities of retail security professionals?

Retail security guards are responsible for different activities such as investigating disturbances, calling help in emergencies, dealing with the crowd, detecting theft and fraud, monitoring entry and exit points, building friendly customer relations, and many more.

Can I implement retail security without hiring a professional agency?

Well, yes! But to some extent. You can install video surveillance and CCTV cameras but they also need constant monitoring. However, they are not enough for dealing with internal thefts, robbery, and monitoring other activities around the store. That’s why the retail industry prefers to hire an expert professional who can deal with unwanted situations efficiently and mitigate risks professionally.

How can I prevent theft in my retail store?

Theft prevention is extremely important to running your operations smoothly. Therefore, you need to educate your staff first. Also, keep the inventory systems organized and stable. On top of that, hire a retail security agency in Edmonton that keeps an eye on theft and burglary so you can run your operations smoothly and without the risk of potential threats.

Want to deter potential intruders from your shop? Hire our integrated retail security services in Edmonton that ensure great peace of mind. For more information, please contact us.

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