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The first and foremost thing your guests expect when they enter your office or building is – a well-mannered and courteous person, willing to help in every possible way. That’s exactly where you need the help of concierge security services in Edmonton, where our team makes the best first impression on your clients and guests.

"Make the First Best Impression with the Sought-After Concierge Security Agency"

At Guard24 in Edmonton, our priority is to work with customer-centric, welcoming, and responsible concierge security officers that offer complete support and assistance to anyone they interact with. They give directions to the guests when they arrive or leave, welcome them in a friendly manner, and offer all security protocols.

Yes, security is our #1 priority at Guard24. Therefore, our sought-after concierge security officers act as friendly hosts for a building, office, apartment, condo, or resort and offer relevant information to the guests. Besides, they are also responsible for collecting deliveries and directing guests to their designated spots.

Our Concierge Officers Provide a First Line of Security to Keep Premises Safe

When it comes to security, our concierge officers provide the first line of defense against any unusual or suspicious activity. They pay close attention to details and ensure that everyone in the building is safe and protected.

Keeping irrelevant or suspicious people banned from your premises and stopping them from entering and causing a disturbance ethically and professionally makes a concierge security officer an essential choice for every business, building, or premise.

That’s the reason, our concierge security services do not only offer protection but also provide great assistance in handling various indoor activities. Call us to find out how the process works and why you should rely on our services like Construction Site Security and fire watch services.

What to Expect from Our Reliable Concierge Security Company?

Guard24 believes that a friendly reception service and well-mannered concierge staff can make guests feel more comfortable and welcome. In fact, the overall concierge security staff represents the face of the company. That’s why we make sure that our experts are up to the mark and go beyond expectations.

Here are a few more things that you can expect from our reliable security company in Edmonton:

Monitoring Access to the Building 24/7

That’s what makes us special. Our highly skilled concierge security staff keeps an eye on the entrance and exit to observe suspicious activities.

Meeting and greeting

This is a huge responsibility that can probably make or break your company’s reputation. Therefore, we tend to maintain face-to-face contact with customers that leaves a lasting impression and ensures that your customers are happy.

Attentive and Helpful Staff

Our concierge security staff is trained to be attentive, focused, and helpful all the time so we can make things easy for everyone around us.

Well-versed in Dealing with Unwanted Situations

Diffusing unwanted situations at work is such a great skill that many people don’t possess. However, our concierge security professionals in Edmonton are well-versed in handling all the unwanted situations that cause problems.

Available to hire 24/7

Our highly skilled security staff is available to work 365 days a year, including all the holidays. This makes us an ideal choice over other concierge security companies in Edmonton.

The Fastest Growing Concierge Security Company at Your Disposal

Do you know what makes us the proudest and fastest-growing concierge security company in Edmonton?

We are capable of doing all the duties and responsibilities that offer streamlined growth and set a lasting impression for your company.

Our duties included:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Frontline security presence
  • Alarm response
  • Package collection
  • Protection against unwanted situations like theft, robbery, etc.
  • Customer support services
  • Property surveillance

Deploy the Best Concierge Security Service for a Wide Range of Properties

It’s an old belief that concierge security can only be deployed on residential premises. However, that’s not true today. They can be deployed in almost every building, office, or premise.

Our concierge security solutions provide a reassuring welcome and a powerful presence in a wide range of properties, including:

  • Municipal buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouse
  • Tourist attractions
  • Condo buildings
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Cultural locations
  • Museums
  • Sheltered housing
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Some Common Roles and Responsibilities of Our Concierge Security Staff

Guard24 plays a leading role in creating a better and more secure society for all. We make sure that your premises are protected and carefully managed by our security staff in Edmonton.

Have a look at a few important roles and responsibilities of our concierge security professionals.

  • Maintain a professional and smart appearance.
  • Deal with guests and customers in a courteous manner.
  • Take action during emergencies.
  • Investigate issues and disturbances.
  • Look out for criminal activity.
  • Report irregularities and protect your assets.
  • Use initiatives, develop actions, and think fast.
  • Work effectively in a team or independently.
  • Meet and greet visitors.
  • Act as a traffic marshal or first aider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you please tell me what concierge security is?

Yes, sure. Concierge security staff work as a part of your team. They handle various tasks such as reception services, meeting and greeting visitors, dealing with guests, collecting packages, observing crime scenes, and protecting people on-premises. They do not only protect buildings and premises but also protect people and keep them informed.

What are the duties of a concierge officer?

Concierge officers are responsible for managing various roles and responsibilities such as taking messages, managing mail and deliveries, running errands to help guests, performing basic admin roles, arranging transportation, and much more.

What skills do your concierge security officers have?

Our concierge security officers possess all the qualities that make them the desired choice of every company. They have proven experience as concierge officers, are proficient in English, have excellent communication skills, and are qualified, polite, confident, and professional. They are also multitaskers and experts in planning and execution.

How many hours do your concierge officers work?

It depends on your requirements and work responsibilities. However, our concierge officers work 40 hours a week, including late nights and weekends.

When you leave your building, you want to leave everything in trustworthy hands. And that’s what we promise at Guard24. We strive to protect everyone with our tailored security services. If you want to hear more about us, give us a call now and find out how we can help you run all the operations smoothly.

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