A Smart Entrepreneur Always Goes With The Best Concierge Security Services


The primary objective of hiring any security is to enhance safety. But concierge security services has lots more benefits than that. How about paying for one thing and getting the other thing absolutely free. Concierge security is truly one such thing.

Normally we relate the term concierge with hotels. But technically speaking, concierge security is not only a trend but also the need of the time. More and more apartments, high rise, and offices are moving to this incredible security type. You can have a receptionist and a security guard at the same time.

Importance of Concierge Security Services in Business

Hiring a skilled concierge security guard gives you peace of mind. Your business is in good hands when you hire the right concierge security agency. These guards perform a wide range of duties. So, let’s get dive into detail to learn more:

  • Monitor company operations
  • Greet and direct the visitors and clients
  • Allow only authorized persons to enter/ Access control
  • Video surveillance security of the company
  • Process serving
  • Look for any threat including fire, theft, break-in etc.
  • Writes up daily reports and maintains visitor’s register
  • Checking packages and bags as needed
A smart entrepreneur goes with the best concierge security service

Entrepreneurs are always looking for something that benefits their business. The demand for concierge security services in the business sector has increased to 30% during 2019.

There are many benefits to hiring a concierge security guard service. Some of them are:

Multiple tasks handling

Concierge or Front desk security professionals are trained in a way to master in all the vital skills. Efficient multitasking makes concierge security services the best choice for a business. 

Create a Sense of Security

A trustworthy security service handles and knockouts all kinds of risks to your business. Your staff, clients, and family feel more confident in the presence of concierge security. 

A worldly welcome adds to your Company’s reputation

Reputation is very important in business. Having sophisticated front desk security with a  welcoming attitude creates a sense of professionalism. It pleasantly impresses your clients when they join you for a meeting. 

More Qualified Employees On-Site

A concierge security guard may be the best addition to your qualified staff. They work as an all in one service. From clearing the parking lot to receiving your guests, being at the welcome desk, monitoring the CCTV, and providing security that you need, they fit in.

Seamless fit for all high profile areas that need security

Concierge security is the best option for every business’s needs. They are specially trained to provide professional and friendly services. A concierge security officer provides different duties in areas like:

  • Malls and retail
  • Government buildings
  • Religious institutions
  • Tourist attractions and parks entrances
  • Medical complexes
  • Flats and Gated residential communities
  • Hospitals and sports complexes
  • Clubs and Gyms etc. 

How to choose the best Concierge security guard for your business?

Concierge security services is a perfect mix of safety and hospitality. A pro tip for choosing the right service is to make a list according to your business’s demands. Clearly, talk about your preferences and needs. 

Select the one who locally belongs to your area. Make sure to have a detailed interview session with the security company and the guard. Prefer to go with the one who is muscular and soft-spoken at the same time. If the company suggests a person already having experience in your sector, you have the perfect match. 

Uniform vs. Suit – Choice made easy.

It gets confusing at times to decide the dress code for your security guards. You may get confused about a uniformed security guard and a non-uniformed guard. It’s simple. Go with the uniform when you know that your guard has to be strict at instances, e.g., a Security guard for a retail or mall.

The suit is always the best choice for a concierge security guard at some business sector or a company. Don’t bother too much about it because it doesn’t alter their duties. 

Best Concierge Security Services in Edmonton

Guard 24 is the best in Edmonton security guard companies. We are an authority in Concierge security in Edmonton. The best thing about us is that we are 100% Edmonton based. G 24 offers a one on one interview with its team. You can discuss your custom security needs, and we will propose the best solution. 

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