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After business hours, most construction sites in Edmonton are deserted until the next working day. Important machinery, tools, and expensive equipment are left unguarded, and the entire place is open to theft and vandalism. As a result, many high-quality tools and equipment get stolen, and projects get delayed for an unannounced period. So we offer construction site security in Edmonton.

Therefore, the security of construction sites shouldn’t be treated the same way as other types of security. Guard24 works in close collaboration with construction site owners to offer them a comprehensive security approach.

Our services include the provision of armed and unarmed security guards to general contractors, builders, and government agencies.

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At Guard24, we provide construction site security training to our guards, perform in-depth analysis to secure the site, follow operational planning, and plan for construction emergency response along with technical security solutions.

Over years of experience and knowledge, we have developed great experience in construction site security, and hence we follow all the practices to ensure the safety of the construction crew and prevent all accidental damage. Work with Edmonton construction security services today and let us handle all the sensitive and special construction projects for sustainable results.

How Can We Help Secure Your Construction Site?

As we all know, every construction project is unique and has different problems. The contractors, materials, and all the requirements are changed from one project to another. That’s the reason, every project needs a tailored approach that reflects its needs.

At Guard24, we make different plans based on your construction project. Here are a few ways we help secure your construction site:

Security in off-hours

Many construction sites do not need round-the-clock security and only need it when nobody is available at the site. These projects need off-hours’ security. We make sure our construction security guards do their job efficiently and provide detailed reports to the crew when they get back.

Vehicle theft

Vehicle theft and damage are two of the most common problems people face at construction sites. That’s why we provide security guards who monitor parking lots and the entire area to mitigate the risks of vehicle theft and loss.

Coverage for high-priced items

Heavy timber or copper wires are the only things that get stolen from construction sites. Expensive materials and hard-to-replace items also get stolen and cause problems for the site owners. However, with proper recruitment of construction security guards, they can minimize the risks as they can help stop petty or employee theft efficiently.

Regular Patrolling

Foot and vehicle patrols offer further protection to your construction site, based on your needs. Our guards ensure that all the high traffic and high-risk areas are not in danger. Our patrolling vehicles feature GPS and other advanced technologies that help collect valuable data for secure and hassle-free patrol routes.

Access Control

Controlling access can easily prevent theft and other security breaches at your construction site. We have a team that can handle this in different efficient ways, such as round-the-clock monitoring, gate checks, and entry and exit point monitoring.

Combat Security Challenges During Work Hours with 24 Hour Construction Security Services

If you want to combat security challenges during regular work hours, then our 24-hour construction security services in Edmonton can offer great help and assistance.

We can safeguard your construction site by providing these services:

  • Heavy equipment theft
  • Detecting suspicious trespassers
  • Noticing suspicious activities on the premises
  • Site access control
  • 24 hours of monitoring
  • Detecting hazards that could result in trouble
  • Removal of loiters from the site
  • Managing homeless activities on the site
  • Minimizing the risks of employee theft

Robust Construction Security Solutions Customized to Meet Specific Needs

When you partner with Edmonton construction security services, you can rest assured that you will get robust security services customized to meet every specific need. Our team works with you to determine which service you need for your construction site. We offer customized security plans for every requirement.

Some of the custom security services we provide are:

  • Emergency response
  • Armed and unarmed guards,
  • Plainclothes guards
  • 24/7 mobile patrols.
  • Loss prevention plans
  • Fire watch services
  • Pre-construction security
  • Monitoring access points

Invest in the Right Construction Security Guards Who are Skilled at Managing Threats

Protecting your construction site is our #1 priority at Guard24. We are the leading provider of construction security guards in Edmonton who is skilled at managing threats.

Let’s find out what makes us the right choice for your construction project:

  • Well-trained, professional, and highly qualified.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Follow strict standards of accountability.
  • Use of advanced security technologies
  • Custom security solutions for construction sites
  • 24 hours available

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me secure my construction site?

All the construction sites are a magnet for thieves and robbers. That’s why we go the extra mile to secure the sites by using appropriate lighting, fence installation, securing all the equipment, planning deliveries, considering surveillance, and many more.

Why do I always need a construction site security plan?

If you want to save your construction site from theft, vandalism, damage, and trespassers, then you need a good construction site plan, 24-hour monitoring, and proper supervision. Especially if your construction project is big and different expensive materials are present on the site, then you probably need a good construction site security company in Edmonton that can help secure the area from all the thefts and robberies.

What type of security is needed on my construction site?

You need robust 24-hour security for your construction site. Therefore, we implement CCTV monitoring and maintenance, provide manned guarding, construction site access control, security lighting, alarms, and much more.

Do you also take the responsibility of securing construction materials?

Yes, of course. We provide full-fledged construction site security, and it also includes the protection of your construction materials. We use GPS technology, keep records of inventory, incorporate a surveillance system into place, schedule timely deliveries, and much more.

Ready to hire the best construction site security agency in Edmonton? Call us today, make an appointment, and let our professionals help secure your assets.

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