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Did you know that more than 70% of hospital administrators believe it is difficult to maintain health care security?

Nowadays, security is no longer an option but a need for every hospital and healthcare center. When it comes to providing security to your doctors, nurses, patients, and overall staff, you need a top-of-the-line security company in Edmonton that works with efficient security guards who deal with potential threats and criminal activity.

"Keep Your Doctors, Nurses, Patients, and Staff Safe with Top-of-the-Line Hospital Security Services"

Our health care security professionals work with your hospital team to devise a custom strategy to ensure high standards of security without even compromising the overall operations and caring atmosphere of your hospital. We highly appreciate all the crucial care that your healthcare facility provides. That's why we follow a tailored-made approach to provide full protection to your staff and overall hospital facility.

We work with well-trained security officers who offer the protection you need in a completely professional demeanor. By closely monitoring every entrance and exit, we help prevent any kind of internal theft or disturbance that affects patient care.

If you are interested in working with a company that offers guaranteed protection for your medical equipment, staff, and patients, then Guard24 is here to serve you happily. Contact our experts today and find out how we go the extra mile to provide the security you want!

Safety First is Safety Always – Let’s Work with a Hospital Security Company to Deal with Potential Threats

We all know that every hospital has unique health care security needs. Some hospitals are quite large and have different healthcare departments. Therefore, they need to work with a full-blown hospital security company that can address their security needs and deal with all kinds of potential threats.

Our security guards play a vital role in keeping staff, patients, and the overall premises safe. We offer different security services to hospitals in Edmonton to ensure a safe and healthy community.

Managing Access to Sensitive Areas

In every hospital, many areas are not allowed for patients and visitors. In fact, some staff members are barred from entering those areas. For example, patient lab samples and drug storage areas that are more sensitive than other departments need to be watched carefully.

Therefore, our security guards ensure that only authorized personnel can get entry to those areas by properly checking their credentials.

Mitigating Angry Outbursts

Tensions, fights, and other disturbances can ruin the atmosphere of hospitals. Sometimes patients have an adverse reaction to the diagnosis and they react aggressively. While some family members get anxious to know about the health of their loved ones, these situations cause an angry atmosphere, which leads to fear and discomfort among other patients, staff, and visitors.

With our trained security guards, you can simply deescalate the situation as they help you restore the calm and peaceful atmosphere of your hospital.

Assisting Patients and Visitors

Your trip to the hospital can be very displeasing and unnerving. Sometimes people need immediate help when they enter the hospital, and some patients are going through a challenging course of treatment, so they need a welcoming face that can help them throughout the process.

That’s where you need the help of our hospital security guards who do not only protect staff and visitors but are also on the frontlines providing all kinds of assistance. Our guards are friendly, helpful, cooperative, and compassionate, and they feel happy to help patients while directing them to the right department or room.

Protection Against Theft

Did you know a reputable hospital is home to multiple valuable equipment, tools, and information? This makes hospitals an attractive target for theft and robbery. With a large amount of personal patient data, there is also a range of equipment, tools, materials, and personal care products that attract criminals, and they try to gain entry through manipulation.

However, when you hire Hospital Security Services to prevent theft, you can simply minimize the risks of protection as they respond immediately in the event of theft and robbery.

Did You Know More Than 11,000 Acts of Violence Occur Every Year in Hospitals?

Yes, that’s true. Every year, doctors, staff, patients, and visitors experience different accidents of violence and vandalism that disturb the atmosphere of patient care and also ruin the reputation of the hospital.

Therefore, choosing a professional security company for hospitals in Edmonton is probably a wise decision to keep your premises safe and free from all threats.

Essential Security Operations that Minimize Risks and Maintain Peace

Hiring an efficient team of health care security professionals to help minimize risks and maintain peace. They help prevent theft, violence, and illicit behaviors that cause disturbances in hospitals. That’s why we make sure that our team offers these essential security services for streamlined operations.

  • Preventing theft, robbery, and child abduction
  • Maintain orderly parking lot behavior.
  • Keep personally identifiable information safe.
  • Deal with aggressive visitors.
  • Help patients and visitors.
  • Manage lobby security.
  • Regular patrols and checks.
  • Protection of medical equipment and other assets

What makes us the #1 Hospital Security Guard Company?

Wondering what makes us the #1 hospital security company in Edmonton? Have a look at a few important reasons to choose us over others.

  • Affordable costs
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Trusted, insured, and licensed guards
  • Experienced and qualified
  • Round the clock services
  • Tailored plans for hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of security officers in hospitals?

Hospital security officers are responsible for protecting staff, patients, visitors, doctors, and the overall premises. They patrol the entire building, check different departments, and monitor all the activities in and around the hospital. They are also responsible for preventing theft, vandalism, and other issues on the premises.

Can you tell me the cost of your hospital security service?

The costs usually depend on the requirements, hospital infrastructure, location, and other factors. Once you share details with us, our experts will give you the right estimates to begin. Call us to learn about the costs and other details of hospital security services.

Have you ever provided security for a reputable hospital in Edmonton?

Yes. We have been in the business for years and have offered top-notch security services to hundreds of reputable hospitals in Edmonton.

How can I get started?

It's easy. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements. Once we know your security needs, we will create a plan accordingly and deploy security professionals to your premises.

Our high-caliber security guards and our 25+ professional certifications make us an ideal choice for hospital security in Edmonton. So, if you want reliability, expertise, and professionalism all in one place, count on the security services of Guard24 and let us protect your hospital from all threats and risks.

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