Restaurant Security- A Guide to Keeping Your Business Safe

securing exterior and interior doors from riots and violence

Hiring happy smiling faces will reward great reviews to your business. Food is an integral part of any culture across the globe. Interestingly, restaurants are the ambassadors of the cultures. For every brand, every restaurant, and every food chain, the topmost priority is security. Restaurants are the places where a lot of transactions are made a day. More importantly, hundreds and thousands of dollars of cash are available almost every time at the cash counter. That’s why restaurant security is paramount.

So, here is a complete guide that will tell you how to keep your restaurant safe. This guide is specifically designed, keeping in view the unique requirements of the size of your business. So, let’s dive in to learn a complete procedure to keep your restaurant safe.

Publicize your plan for Deterrence and Response

Having an authoritative plan for deterrence and response is the core fundamental of any business. Publicize your policies for any against-the-law activity, and don’t forget to tell the consequences. It will deter the opportunists and hence will lower the risk to more than 50%. The best approach is to use a board or a poster clearly describing and telling your restaurant’s policy. Moreover, in case of any unfortunate incident, be strict with your policy. Besides, it strengthens your brand image in the market and Industry.

Set up Restaurant Security Systems

No one can deny the importance of the security systems, i.e., video surveillance systems at the restaurants. CCTV cameras or cellular cameras are the best options for video monitoring. Not only it deters the criminal minds but also alerts the staff to be active and honest. Everyone is always under the influence of the fact that they are being watched. It brings confidence to your restaurant security.

Installation of Fire Equipment and Alarms

Installing a fire alarm is vital for any property. Fire incidents are the most horrible incidents one can imagine. Furthermore, they cause unbearable loss to businesses. Small businesses especially cannot compensate for the loss. That’s why installing proper fire equipment is the need of the time. The fire equipment involves fire alarms, water sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits, etc. For a large-scale business, a fire watch security guard is the best option. That means you don’t have to spend extra money again and again on equipment maintenance.

Restaurant Security Personnel

A restaurant security personnel is a right choice for any business though large or small. Not only do they guard your business and premises but also greet and welcome your guests. Interestingly, this increases the authority and has a marked effect on your restaurant’s reputation. The restaurant security guard is an all in one help to all your needs. He is trained to monitor the video recordings and can operate the control room in the best way. Besides, a fire watch is a part of their training to watch for any fire hazards without any extra charges. The best thing is that the right security guard performs security duties, concierge duties, control room monitoring, fire watch, and customer service simultaneously at a highly affordable price.

Restaurants with Alcohol Facilities

Restaurants with a bar or Alcohol facilities earn more. Obviously, it means that they have to open in the late hours. Again, the chances of theft, burglary, violent attacks, money snatching, and crime percentage increases. The quick-serve counter is especially vulnerable to all these threats. Therefore, a security guard is a must-have for any business, and restaurants are not an exception. 

Interestingly, a security guard saves the restaurant from internal threats. Besides, he keeps a vigilant eye over the staff to see if they are working properly or not. Moreover, arranging an event or welcoming the guests becomes a breeze with an honest security guard. These are only a few of the many benefits of hiring a security guard for restaurants. 

Best Restaurant Security in Edmonton

Canada’s festival city Edmonton is a cultural hub with a year-round slate of festivals, lightings, and of course, food. Exceeding the population of over a million, the city hosts millions of guests. Restaurants are a major representative of this amazing cultural city. So, if you own a restaurant in Edmonton, you might be well aware of the security challenges. That’s precisely where Guard 24 Security services come in. 

With an incredible experience of over a decade in the security sector, we dominate the Edmonton Security Services. We make sure that you focus on the food and the customers and leave the rest of us’ responsibilities. Our proactive care, marvelous record, and the best customer reviews are the evidence of our authority in the Industry. No matter if your restaurant is big or small, we have special packages and solutions for you. 

Reach us out anytime to get a customized solution to your unique restaurant. Now you can have a free quote by calling at 1-844-244-0880. Our customer care is available 24/7 for any queries and help.

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