Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Bodyguard- A Professional Checklist

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When we hear about a Bodyguard, the first thing that comes into our mind is the politicians, celebrities, and business tycoons. But let us break the myth. Bodyguards are for everyone who needs security and can afford it. They are the close protection officers who access and alleviate the threats. Most importantly, they perform various other functions like personal assistance, executive protection, and in-depth observation. Interestingly, studies show that a bodyguard tends to be your sincere friend who is always available for you at any time. These are some of the many reasons to hire a bodyguard. 

The rate of crime is increasing day by day, and so is the need for personal protection. That’s precisely where private security guards, i.e., the bodyguards, come in. You need to hire the most competent and friendly bodyguard who has experience. Secondly, don’t forget to check the previous record. Clearly, talk about your preferences and daily routine. If he fits your requirements, make a decision. Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a bodyguard. So, let’s dive in to learn whether you need a security guard or not.

1. Vigilant and prepared enough for any situation

Incidents happen with the blink of an eye, so you need to be prepared every time. Money snatching, robbery, murders, and intentional accidents are the main reason to hire a bodyguard. What’s even terrifying is you are never safe when you get into an unfriendly competition or a dispute. Besides, being an important personality, it’s never easy to handle the crowd. You might see a crowd of fans around the stars. That’s why a vigilant bodyguard is the need of the day. 

2. Access Strength of Security

Bodyguards access the strength of your security systems and pinpoint any shortcomings or weak points. Not only will they defend you from any physical harm but also protect from any other danger. Hence, they are a great help in every sector. A bodyguard is an excellent help from checking your children’s school security to proposing a better security solution for your business.

3. Greater judging ability

A bodyguard has the ability to judge a person’s intentions within seconds. They get alert by seeing and hearing anything that they find a potent threat to your security. They inspect and deter opportunists who want to trick their clients. Often you are too busy to pay attention to your surroundings. Again, your bodyguard understands and is alert all the time. Besides, bodyguards are an extra pair of eyes and ears in this busy life that make life easier. Hence, the right bodyguard is an investment and a secure life guarantee rather than an expense.

4. More of a friend than a protector

One can rightly say that a bodyguard is more of a friend than a protector. Besides being a helping hand in every matter, he performs various other duties. For instance, a security guard performs a driver’s duties, personal assistant, and always a free consultant. What’s most exciting about a private bodyguard is that he adds to your personal reputation. Your employees and others in your circle get to know your worth. Hence, hiring a bodyguard is the best choice ever.

5. Deters Assailants

Well, before hiring a bodyguard or a general security guard, many factors contribute. The most important of all is deterring the assailant. In this hyperconnected life, where everyone is in a hurry, any incident can happen. Especially if you have to work late at night and afford a bodyguard, you must have one. 

What to look for before choosing a bodyguard?

Before hiring a security guard, many factors contribute. The most important points are enlisted below:

  • Always prefer a local security guard, i.e., the one being the native.
  • Always ask for prior experience as a bodyguard. If he fails to provide one, do look for training or some past related experience.
  • How does the firm describe his services and expertise?
  • If the guard has some specialized training, do go with him.
  • Meet one on one and never forget to ask some important questions to see if he meets your expectations.

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