Hotel Security- Is It Wise to Invest in Private Security Guards for Your Hotel?

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No matter how lavish a hotel is, everything is useless unless it is secure. One can say that a hotel room should be the best temporary alternative to home for officials and tourists. But if even a sophisticated hotel fails to provide the necessary security, it can’t flourish in the sector. Well, a safe hotel with a prestigious reputation in the area attracts visitors much like a magnet. Obviously, you feel at home when the staff is welcoming, and you see a strict security check at the entrance. That’s why analysts give so much importance to hotel security. 

Investing in private security officers for your hotel security is wise. Here are the 7 top reasons that emphasize the importance of hotel security. So, let’s dive in to learn the benefits and the reasons to hire security guards at your hotel. 

1. Monitor Entry and Exit Points

Hotels are the places where you see a flow of people entering throughout the day. Therefore, there is a strict need to keep a check at the entry and the exit points. The hotel security officers are vigilant and look for any suspicious activity or behavior.

The security at the hotel lobby area is specifically important because of the worthy luggage there. Having an alert security guard in that area deters the criminals and opportunists. 

2. To maintain in-house peace and discipline.

The security guards maintain peace and an orderly situation inside the building. Their main task is to alleviate the disorderly conduct in the hotel premises. More importantly, sometimes the situations become out of control, especially when a guest is tipsy or fully drunk. Here a security guard is the most significant help. They have learnt it as a lesson in their training to handle such situations fully. Hence, a security guard manages and saves your hotel’s reputation. 

3. Prevent theft and Property damage

Hotels are the best places for opportunistic criminals. Though there is a strict check, the chances remain the same. A hotel security guard minimizes the risk and works to eliminate the risk before the things get worse.

No one can ignore the fact that sometimes things get out of hand, especially annoyed guests. It’s a common sight in hotels that you may see a couple’s argument getting fired and turns out to be a disorder and highly discomforting situation for others. That’s precisely where the role of a hotel security guard comes into play.

4. Respond to emergencies

Accidents happen, and no technology can promise an accident-free property. Therefore, a private property owner, especially hotel management, should always be prepared to tackle it. Emergencies like fire incidents, burglary, aggressive activities, gas leaks, sudden injuries, and property damage need instant support. Though it’s not a part of the hotel security duty, they have always proven to be the greatest help. 

Interestingly, hiring the right hotel security guards gives you peace of mind as they are trained to handle such stressful situations. In case of emergencies, they head and guide the staff and ensure the safety of the guests to keep the hotel’s esteem intact.

5. Orderly front desk and a warm welcome 

Besides handling all types of security breaches, a hotel security guard welcomes the guests. You might see a concierge security guard on the front desk. Obviously, it adds to the reputation of the hotel and protocol to the guests. Moreover, no one can skip the advantage of two in one duty, i.e. a Receptionist and a Security Guard. 

In fact, a hotel security guard, especially the one at the front desk, maintains the entry register. Therefore, the right security guard is the one who maintains discipline with a pleasant smile on the face. 

6. Video Surveillance duties

Monitoring the security cameras and keeping a vigilant eye on the video recordings of the hotel is the most important task assigned to a security guard. They are so trained that they can detect any suspicious activities with the blink of an eye. Besides, sensing any illegal or against the rules act is the instinct of a good hotel security guard. Therefore, video surveillance duties are essential, especially in places like hotels. 

7. Teaching the basic safety procedures to the employees

One of the most important tasks assigned to a security guard is teaching the basic safety procedures to employees. Besides providing the basic security training, they act as a guide to aware them of the possible risks. Moreover, they provide a guideline and clear the exit ways in case of some unfortunate mishap or emergencies.

Best Hotel Security in Edmonton

With 498 hotels, Edmonton contributes a lot to the economy of Canada. Here come the hotel security services as it’s the need of the time. Therefore, you need to choose the right officials for your reputable hotel. No matter whether your hotel is big or small, what defines its authority is the hospitality and of course the security. In the end, discuss your concerns and unique security requirements before signing a contract with any of the security firms.

Guard 24 Security Services provides the best hotel security in Edmonton. With the experience of a decade and hundreds of satisfied clients, we are an authority in the Edmonton security guard services. Reach us out at any time or get a free quote at 1-844-244-0880. 

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