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A warehouse is a place for the storage of goods right after manufacture and just before supply to the buyer. Its uses as a storehouse for the edibles, equipment, machinery, and countless worthy items. Owing to this worth, these goods are liable to steal, damage, and use for illegal activities. Therefore, there is an utmost need for warehouse security. 

The importance of warehouse security should not be overlooked, otherwise it brings about million-dollars loss both to the company and the country’s economy. For instance, it is estimated about $10 Billion loss by cargo theft per year. Indeed, a professional security team and handy devices like surveillance cameras, alarms can provide for 24/7 security to your warehouse. 

Here is some key importance of warehouse security:

Protection from thieves and burglars

As warehouse stores millions of dollars’ inventory. Therefore, it is always in danger of internal and external theft. 

  • Internal theft includes warehouse employs and frequent visiting persons such as vehicle drivers. These people intend on stealing due to financial issues, low morale, and poor security of the warehouse. Internal theft is a big headache to the warehouse because it goes unnoticed. As an example, in 2018 four of Amazon employees were involved in a $100,000 pilferage of Apple products in an Amazon warehouse.
  • External warehouse theft may involve the peoples, from the international black market, habitual burglars, and frequent visiting persons like drivers. In the case of Canada, cargo theft lead to a $27 Million loss during 2018. 

Indeed, a security team, devices like CCTV cameras, alarm systems, access control, and fencing can secure the worthy items from thieves.

Sense of security for employees

The presence of a uniformed security guard brings a sense of security to your employees. Stolen items may be worthy but not more than human life. Above all the worker security should be of the top priority. Thus, a trained security team should hire for worker safety and security. A secure workplace increases worker morale and consequently the company’s productivity.

Quick emergency response

Emergencies like fire, gas leakage, flood, shooting, and heavy storm may be sudden and unexpected but require immediate action. Under these circumstances, the presence of a security team helps to cope up with such situations. Security guards can timely inform the respective emergency departments and therefore, lessen the loss of human life and property. Also, the trained security guards can provide first aid to the injured, prevent panic in the workplace, and kept employees calm.

Predetermine of accidental and emergencies

A good security planning detects problems that ultimately lead to destructive emergencies and accidental situations. CCTV footage provide information about suspected shooter, smoke emergence from any part of warehouse, gas leakage and short circuit. Moreover, a security guard carries important devices like a heat detector, metal detector. So, these devices reduce the risk of shooting, potential fire etc.


The security team and security devices can also eye on the equipment’s working and integrity. CCTV cameras view the working of the remote devices and in case of a problem, the authoritative persons are informed to fix it. 

Security team inspect visitors

Security guards check the ID and credentials of the people going in and coming out of the warehouse. In this regard they allow only concerned persons to visit and restricts a suspicious one to go in. This also prevents the overcrowding in the warehouse and consequently protect worthy items from damage and pilferage

Security guards as company ambassador

Security guards meet and greet the visitors in a friendly way and guide them to their concerned visiting area of the warehouse. This brings a good impression of the company and consequently improves the company’s reputation and trade. In other words, a friendly, confident, and trained security guard can act as an ambassador for his company.

Common warehouse security systems

There are five commonly used security system.

  1. Physical security: It is in the form of a security team and security guards that can protect your warehouse from internal and external theft. They also provide security to employees and respond to emergencies.
  2. Surveillance or Security cameras: These cameras can provide 24/7 security to a warehouse. Security cameras record every event, therefore a potential threat can be monitor and fix 
  3. Fencing: It can protect the warehouse items from burglar’s access.
  4. Alarm system: They are the integration systems i.e. security systems like physical security. Alarm systems provide remote security. 
  5. Network security system: In this present era of computers, warehouse data usually saved in the system and devices. First of all, theft access to the warehouse data and then steal the physical goods. Therefore, it is mandatory to give your data access to limited employees.

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