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The security of a university or a college campus is one of the paramount considerations for students and parents in Edmonton. They want to make sure that their surroundings are safe from lurkers, criminals, and all the potential threats. At Guard24, we aim to provide Campus Security Services to all the staff, students, faculty, and other visitors on the campus. 

We conduct regular patrols, provide on-site security personnel, and assign a team who is responsible to manage a bustling crowd at all the events on your campus.

"Keeping Your Campus Safe from Life-Threatening Situations with On-Duty Security Guards"

We only work with a talented, well-trained, and highly qualified team of security guards who come from a diversified background and follow practices that are adhered to your campus regulations. We know how to professionally handle emergencies and a number of events and security scenarios that may occur on your campus. 

To meet all the security challenges at university or college campuses, we build several proactive strategies, action plans, and solutions that ensure the perfect safety and security of every person on your campus.

You can always count on our professional campus security company in Edmonton which is fully dedicated to offering streamlined support for smooth operations. Give us a call to learn how to get started.

Campus Security Services We Are Proud to Offer at Guard24

Guard24 is responsible for providing a healthy, safe, comfortable, and secure environment to all the students and staff on campus. People love to hire our security guards because they treat everyone with respect, dignity, and absolute fairness. 

If your campus needs security, hire our expert services today for getting 24 hours protection. Some of our important services include:

  • General and emergency security services
  • First aid services
  • Access control
  • CCTV Monitoring Services
  • Armed and uniformed guards
  • Monitoring of security and video systems
  • Parking lot security
  • Event security services at campus
  • Firewatch security for campuses
  • Classroom equipment security and monitoring 
  • Crime alert notices
  • Keep eye on suspicious activities
  • Student escort services
  • Mobile patrols
  • Life safety system
  • Lost and found reports

Some additional services we provide are:

  • Building and elevator checks
  • Incident reports
  • Drug and alcohol use on-premises

We Know How to Ensure Safe & Smooth Event Arrangements at Your Campus

Apart from providing excellent general and emergency security services at campuses, we also ensure that your events go smoothly without any security-related risk.

From a stadium full of happy students to high-profile speakers at graduation ceremonies, we make sure that your students, staff, and guests feel safe and the entire event goes well.

We are also happy to provide custom security solutions based on your campus needs. Some of the main event security services we provide are:

  • Crowd control and management
  • Theft prevention
  • Traffic control
  • Protection of high-profile speakers
  • Smooth communications with event planners and other attendees

Professionalism, Preparedness, and Quality Services – No Matter What!

Children, adults, staff, and other visitors at campus want a safe, secure, and reliable environment to promote learning in students. Parents need to trust that their children are protected, being watched, and 100% secure on campus. 

Other administrative staff members want peace of mind so they can perform their everyday jobs effectively. But it all takes a smart, professional, and proactive approach that can be implemented to maintain the highest security standards.

At Guard24, we have decades of experience in campus security and have worked with hundreds of schools and colleges in Edmonton who still appreciate our dedication, professionalism, and preparedness.

With 100% customer satisfaction, we are your #1 campus security firm in Edmonton that provide armed & uniformed guards at premises, offers remotely monitored surveillance, and stimulates active shooter response in case of emergencies.

What Makes Our Campus Security Guards an Ideal Choice?

If you are thinking to hire a security guard for your campus, it's better to count on Guard24 which has won several hearts with its impressive array of security services. Have a look at a few elements that make our security guards an ideal choice for your campus.

  • Qualified, professional, and knowledgeable guards
  • WCB licensed and insured 
  • Respond quickly to emergencies 
  • Round the clock services
  • Affordable costs of hiring
  • Best for both general and emergency security needs
  • Fast, energetic, and prepared every time
  • Deal with every situation

Benefits of Hiring Campus Security Guard Services

With hundreds of children attending school or college every day, any bad incident can happen at any time! To offer them complete security, you need to hire security guards. Here are some benefits to work with them:

  • Monitor and reduce fighting
  • Offer quick help in emergencies
  • Implement proactive strategies when things go wrong
  • Control access to entry points
  • Monitor the entire premises 
  • Report any unusual activity in and around the campus

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major duties of campus security guards?

Some major duties of campus security guards are, providing escort services for students, teachers, and other members, monitoring the surroundings carefully, observing suspicious activities, controlling and managing crowds, and much more.

How can I improve the security of my campus?

To improve the security of your campus, you need to implement an access control system to entry points, update security cameras around the campus, conduct security patrols, and work with uniformed guards who can handle unpredictable situations efficiently.

Do I really need to hire campus security guards in Edmonton?

Yes. Every educational institute needs to ensure the safety of its students, visitors, and staff members. That’s why they should maintain the security and peaceful environment on their campus so they can avoid any unwanted incidents to happen. If their campus faces any security-related challenge, it could cost their reputation as well as students' lives. So, it’s better to work with a reputable security agency in Edmonton that can deal with the security needs of your campus.

What type of security does my campus need?

Your campus needs all the general and advanced security solutions which include access control, signage, security lighting, data access, CCTV monitoring, event security, parking lot security, and many more.

Ensure peace of mind with comprehensive security solutions for your campus. Contact our experts to get started with us and learn what steps we take to secure your campus.

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