CCTV Monitoring Services

Are you looking for a solution to reduce the chances of theft at your home or business? Or do you simply want to improve the productivity of your employees by keeping a close eye on them? If so, the installation of remote CCTV monitoring services is indeed the best solution for every security need.

Remote CCTV monitoring helps commercial properties, residential properties, business locations, and construction sites deal with all kinds of security concerns and offers total peace of mind as they don’t have to rely on additional security staff.

"Keep an Eye on Your Office or Home with Remote CCTV Monitoring Services"

With round-the-clock CCTV monitoring services, Guard24 helps monitor your premises 24 hours a day and offers the assurance of full-fledged security without having to spend exorbitant money. They work with highly skilled and reactive personnel who never sleep and quickly react to emergencies no matter what.

Did you know there are millions of CCTV cameras installed in Edmonton? The number is still rapidly increasing, effectively securing homes and businesses. People trust CCTVs because they can deter intruders and implement audio warnings. CCTV ensures that immediate action will be taken against the situation. As a result, it minimizes all the risks and threats.

If you are interested in installing CCTV on your premises, contact our team to find out how we can help protect your area with advanced security solutions.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services that Ensure Peace of Mind and Constant Protection

We are one of the leading providers of remote CCTV monitoring services for all commercial and residential properties in Edmonton. If you want to leverage the benefits of our CCTV services, have a look below and find out how we can assist you in certain areas:

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Our experts will help you organize and set up CCTV cameras on your premises and also establish a connection to the central station, which will be constantly monitored by our team. We help you put up and manage all types of video observations in different public areas and residential properties.

Quality Control

Our monitoring department keeps a close watch on every activity, monitors the area carefully, and oversees the services of CCTV operators. We also conduct regular and unplanned audits so we can find out which service areas need more improvement and careful monitoring. Our processes help streamline your operations and make everything smooth.

Every Event is Documented on CCTV

Every event and activity we observe on CCTV is completely documented, so we can use it in the future. Our experts also generate a complete report of events or incidents recorded on the CCTV system. This report features complete details, such as the angle of the camera, different zones, the timestamp, as well as other helpful information.

What Benefits Do You Get with the Installation of a CCTV Monitoring System?

You will enjoy plenty of amazing benefits offered by our CCTV monitoring system. Some of them are:

  • Increased protection from unwanted people and intruders 24 hours a day.
  • You don’t have to hire special guards to monitor the CCTV system.
  • No threats or business disruption in the event of detecting any unwanted event.
  • Quick actions are taken in the case of bad incidents.
  • Rapid response to an alarm activation
  • Hardworking, professional, responsive, and fast team to monitor premises.
  • Detailed reporting on every event

Where Do You Need CCTV Monitoring Services the Most?

Almost every commercial building need CCTV monitoring so they can deter any threats. Some important areas are:

  • Mobile towers
  • ATMs and banks
  • Commercial properties
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • schools
  • Warehouses
  • Residential societies
  • Retail stores and shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Parking lots

Some Cutting Edge Technologies We Use to Provide 100% Protection

We take pride in providing 100% protection with CCTV monitoring by incorporating some cutting-edge technologies:

  • Advanced surveillance recordings: Backed up and stored data for legal proceedings.
  • Surveillance systems: Linked to software for crisis management, and more.
  • Monitoring software: Efficiently used for access control and on-site inspections and lone workers.
  • Centralized and decentralized IP camera technology: Best for surveillance robustness and network bandwidth utilization.

Never Leave a Hole in Your Security Because Security Guards Cannot Be Everywhere!

Many commercial properties hire security guards to safeguard all their entry points. But the fact is, your security guards can never be active and present all the time. Also, they cannot see and monitor everything that is happening at your premises. That’s where you need the help of CCTV monitoring which monitors all the nooks and crannies of your property and delivers detailed real-time information.

The surveillance cameras efficiently capture the footage even where there is no light. This means you can easily monitor every single activity in your building.

Reasons to Choose Guard24 for Your CCTV Monitoring Services

With decades of experience in offering perpetual security to businesses, Guard24 is your trusted source of security service that goes above and beyond to meet customers’ expectations. Find out some more reasons to choose our services:

  • We have a very flexible pricing model.
  • Accredited with all certifications
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Qualified CCTV surveillance experts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Advanced reporting and software system
  • Trusted by 500+ businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor my CCTV remotely?

Yes, of course. Whether your CCTV is installed in your home or office, you can easily monitor the activity from any part of the world. Our experts will help you find the IP address of the security camera and follow further procedures to make this happen.

How do you monitor my CCTV cameras?

The system sends the video data picked up by the camera to our remote monitoring station, which is designed to take quick action as well as respond immediately to suspicious activity. It protects your property from every unwanted incident.

Can we run a CCTV surveillance system without the internet?

Yes, the cameras can run without the internet as many cameras are local and they only record data onto local storage.

Can you tell me the cost of CCTV installation?

Our costs are very affordable for every budget. If you want to know the exact estimates, contact our team and get your free quote to begin.

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