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The oil and gas industry has become the most valuable asset for our economy in Edmonton. For decades, it has been the supremely essential source of energy in Alberta, Canada. With a such increased demand for oil and gas, it’s imperative to protect oil and gas pipelines so we can reduce any kind of potential threat or criminal activity on the site. So we offer gas and oil pipeline security in Edmonton, Canada.

Therefore, it is not only important to secure your gas and oil pipelines, but also to secure the people deployed in the campsites. The reason is, that the oil and gas industry is vulnerable to burglars, theft, terrorism, illegal tapping, and several malicious activities that can cause harm to the overall environment.

"Get Protection Against Illegal Tapping and Theft with Our Superior Gas and Pipeline Security Services"

However, you can reduce the threats by partnering with a gas and oil pipeline security company in Edmonton that features an efficient system and technologies for protecting your pipelines.

We have systems that detect every kind of hazard and leakage, and send alerts to the maintenance crews and security forces to take quick action. Our gas and oil pipeline security system passively detects the issue and then immediately locates everything on a real-time surface. As a result, our team successfully prevents intrusions and third-party involvement.

So, if you want to add a strong layer of security to gas and oil pipelines, do not hesitate to contact our experts, who are always here to provide detailed information and assistance.

Protection of Gas and Oil Pipelines with an Array of Seismic Sensors Installed Underground

To offer complete security, peace of mind, and protection against theft, our system works with an array of seismic sensors that are installed underground.

Seismic technology is responsible for increasing the gas and oil pipeline security services and adding an extra layer of protection. Our system features processing units and sensors that are installed underground. This means the system will be invisible to the intruders, and hence they won’t be able to cause any damage.

Not only that, but the seismic technology also protects gas and oil pipelines from extreme weather conditions. These seismic sensors are efficiently linked together and create a comprehensive pipeline security system that detects digging and oil leakage.

Our diligent security system serves as a central processing unit that can control every intrusion. The system receives messages and alarms in the event of unwanted incidents.

Underground Sensors Detect Digging, Intrusion, and Leakage and Send Immediate Alerts

The overall security system is based on these underground sensors. Without them, it's nearly impossible to secure your oil and gas pipelines.

These powerful sensors are buried above the pipeline and can detect any kind of digging or intrusion in the pipeline area. Some sensors are also attached to the pipelines that can detect leakage and send immediate alerts to relevant authorities and departments.

The Importance of Hiring Pipeline Security Services

Gas and oil pipeline security services are highly beneficial and effective. When you have a proper security system installed in place, it will respond by sending early warnings so you can prevent theft and potential damage. Our security systems are guaranteed and flexible and also offer Warehouse Security Services. You can even set the desired sensitivity level of the systems.

Unlike traditional oil and gas security systems, our pipeline security solutions are 100% safe. They do not pose any kind of damage or threat to the fieldsmen. The system will only trigger alarms if it detects any kind of leakage, intrusion, or fault in the pipeline.

This makes our gas and oil pipeline security a great solution to consider for robust protection. It is safe for any kind of pipeline, including high-risk pipelines, gas pipelines, refined product pipelines, and crude oil pipelines.

Benefits of Choosing Our Pipeline Security Services

Did you know a single pipeline damage incident can cause property disruption and severe environmental hazards? Not only that, but it can endanger people's lives.

That’s the reason, working with a trusted security company for oil and gas pipelines in Edmonton is the ideal solution. With years of gleaming success in security, we take pride in offering the desired levels of security for every business and budget. Let’s take a look at several benefits of choosing our services.

  • Implementation of seismic technology
  • 24 hours monitoring
  • Low power consumption
  • Invisible sensors installed underground
  • Rugged and weatherproof technology
  • Advanced technology solutions

Want to Choose a Trusted Security Service? Work With Guard24, Because

  • We are reliable and verified security professionals.
  • We are more affordable than others in the industry.
  • We are qualified, knowledgeable, and tech-savvy.
  • We have years of experience.
  • We are fast, responsive, and trustable
  • We never compromise on your security concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pipeline security service?

Pipeline security services are responsible for protecting gas and oil and all the high-risk pipelines against theft, illegal tapping, sabotage, and interference. The experts use advanced seismic technologies that are installed underground and immediately detect any kind of damage, leakage, or intrusion. Without proper pipeline security, you can experience potential environmental loss.

How can I protect my gas and oil pipelines in Edmonton?

Many people use coatings to protect pipelines. But the best way is to hire a pipeline security company in Edmonton that works with knowledgeable and tech-savvy experts who know how to install seismic technology and other solutions to ensure perpetual security. Without professional help, the pipelines can face unlimited potential threats and damage that cause several environmental problems.

Can you also help protect pipelines from corrosion?

Yes. We are responsible for providing all types of security to your pipelines. Whether you want to protect them from corrosion, theft, or damage, we are your one-stop shop for pipeline security.

What is the cost of hiring pipeline security services in Edmonton?

Well, the costs are affordable. However, it still depends on your needs and budget. But when you work with an expert and certified company like Guard24, then you don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of money. To know the exact cost, discuss everything with our experts and get your free quote to begin.

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Let’s enhance the protection of your gas and oil pipelines with our trusted services that can handle all kinds of emergencies professionally. Give us a call to explore everything about our security services.

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