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Why Gas and Oil security is important?

The machinery used for Gas and Oil is very expensive and complex. Also, the situation around the Rigs can be very volatile and attacks from unwanted people can be of concern. The security at the Rig plays an important role in protecting the machinery and infrastructure as well as the people. The Gas and Oil security jobs are important for onshore (land) and Offshore (sea) sites.

We provide trained staff

Only people who have experience in the industry are hired for the job. Our security guard candidates are passionate and highly trained to provide security at the Rigs. Most of the security guard professionals we hire have First Aid, H2S, and CPR license.

Pipeline Security Services

 Guard24 has highly trained staff for Gas field security/pipeline patrol services for lines. Our professional security guard personals are trained to handle all types of situations which include detecting any unusual gas leaks in the line or any suspicious activity around the area and act promptly.

We provide trained and licensed security guards for the following projects:

  • Pipeline security patrols
  • Private Road Surveillance
  • Thermal Inspection from the vehicle
  • Visual and Physical Inspections
  • Contractor escorts and access
  • Traffic documentation

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