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Did you know the success of every event and party depends on the provision of bespoke event security? Without skilled event security professionals and strategic planning, you cannot enjoy your event fully and may get worried about crowd control, theft prevention, and other issues that destroy the fun.

Delivering Bespoke Security for All Types of Events:

That’s where you need the help of Guard24 which takes pride in offering uniformed security staff and attendants who are responsible for handling all your security concerns and minimizing all the threats that cause problems for your event. Our skilled professionals have the ability to deliver turn-key security services for almost any event or occasion. We have already handled multiple small and major events successfully with thousands of people.

Unlike traditional security firms, our event security solution is much more than hiring a few security guards who take care of the premises. From staff vehicles to attendees, and crowd security to gate attendants, we have a full-fledged team of event security for your event needs. We follow a perfect multi-layered approach to security that efficiently protects your property, event venue, belongings, and guests. With our personal and comprehensive approach, we handle all the important details that exceed your client’s expectations.

Our Event Security Services have Great Expertise in All Areas

When it comes to offering security for your events and parties, expertise is a crucial element that makes us a highly reputable firm. Our elite staff possesses all the knowledge and expertise in every nuance of the profession that is required to take care of your event efficiently.

Yes, our affordable security company in Edmonton features great expertise that guarantees the outstanding security and safety of your guests and venue. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Event security planning
  • Event risk management
  • Event workforce management
  • VIP departure and protocols
  • Event supplier contacts
  • Government liaison
  • Threat assessment
  • Issue prevention
  • Crisis response
  • Crowd control

Trained to Be Polite, Responsive, and Professional

Do you know what sets us apart from other event security services in Edmonton?

Our staff is trained to be very polite, responsive, efficient, and professional. This means you can always count on us no matter what. From simple parties to entertainment events, and corporate marketing meetings to product sales events, we have got you covered with our unparalleled security solutions.

Who We Serve?

We work with professional, experienced, and highly qualified event security staff who has years of knowledge in handling a wide range of events, including:

  • Music festivals and concerts
  • Celebration days
  • Conventions
  • Theaters
  • Games or competitions
  • Regional fairs
  • Small to large gatherings
  • Personal small events

Customizable Event Service That Fits Every Need and Budget

Looking for gate attendants for your small event? Or just need staff for crowd controls for a convention? Whatever your need is, we are here to serve you with dedication and a commitment to excellence. We provide high-quality, customizable security in Edmonton that fits all needs and budgets.

From cashiers to gate attendants, and crowd management to security staff, you can always count on us for every small or major event. We always make sure that your event goes off without a single hitch. Share your requirements with our staff and hire 24 hours Fire Watch Security Services in Edmonton with trust and confidence.

Our Event Security Services Includes

Edmonton security company provides the following staff and services for your event.

  • Crowd control officers
  • Gate attendants
  • Guest services
  • Parking services
  • Ticker takers
  • Traffic control
  • Ushers
  • General security staff

What Makes us Your Go-To Event Security Agency?

There are plenty of elements that set us apart from others in the security industry and make Guard24 your go-to security agency in Edmonton. For example:

  • WCB covered, licensed, and insured security company
  • Covers a broad range of events
  • Operated by law enforcement officers 
  • Provide qualified security professionals
  • Affordable costs of hiring
  • Round the clock services
  • Highly responsive and quick
  • Trusted by thousands of clients
  • Offer guaranteed satisfaction
  • Integral, polite, and friendly staff
  • Excellent customer support

Single Point of Contact for All Small and Major Events

No matter how big your event is, or how many professionals you need for event security, we are your trusted event security firm that offers you a single point of contact with our dedicated security professionals who will respond quickly and ensure prompt and hassle-free service. We are just one phone call away from providing a secure service for your events.

Share your requirements with our team and tell us a bit about the services you’ll need for your event. We will explain in detail how we can help address your needs effectively and reliably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you secure my event?

We follow lots of important steps for securing your event. For example, we assess all the security risks, develop an emergency action plan, establish various security checkpoints, keep your private events private, screen the staff, and much more to ensure a fully secure event.

What type of security do you provide for an event?

We offer different types of security for your event to ensure maximum safety for your guests and property. Some common event security types are general guards, bodyguards, crowd control, gatekeepers, and many more.

Why is security crucial for all these events?

Security is extremely important for organizing happy and successful events. It isn’t only essential for big concerts, music festivals, or award ceremonies. But it is also crucial for every small and major event. It keeps the guests secure, and there will be no risks of theft or property damage. An ideal security team can help minimize all the risks and threats by providing complete security to the venue and guests.

How much security do I need for an event?

Well, it depends on the number of guests, the event type, your venue, and some other important factors. According to a general rule of thumb, there is always one security guard for every 100 people. Once you share your event needs, we will devise the best plan according to your event needs and budget.

Organizing an Event? Book our event security services today to ensure the proper protection of your guests and property.

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