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The retail industry loses billions of dollars each year as a result of Shoplifting. However, the facts vary for different countries and even areas in the same country. The retail business is the livelihood of thousands of people. Undoubtedly, merchandise is a considerable investment and is always vulnerable. All businesses face the threat of theft, but the ratio increases many folds for small businesses. Hence, they need better strategies to avoid theft. Therefore, retail security is a must-have to combat this problem. So, here is a list of simple practices to prevent Shoplifting at your retail store.

Cost-effective measures to Prevent Shoplifting

Here are some effective and low-cost theft prevention tips suggested by the Retail Security experts. So, let’s dive in to learn these strategies in detail.

1. Keep the store well lit

Shoplifters take advantage of the dark areas for stealing stuff. Therefore, you should keep your store well-lit with special lighting focus in the corners. It will help you get over theft incidents in your store.

2. Abandon Profiling

The most important thing is to avoid all the stereotypes related to race or gender. No race defines or defends criminals. In fact, anyone can be an opportunistic criminal. The only criteria should be the suspicious activity to judge a shoplifter.

3. Train your staff to be Pro-active

Don’t expect your staff to be only active; instead, train them to be pro-active. Your store/shop is an asset. Your staff can be the best help to defend against Shoplifting. A sophisticated way is to greet every customer and helping them in shopping. Not only it creates a sense of hospitality but also deters the shoplifters. It is the most important strategy in retail security services.

4. Employ Mirrors

For a large store not having enough staff, employing mirrors is the best strategy. They add to the beauty of the store as well as protect against theft. Fix mirrors on the sides and corners where you can easily keep an eye over the visitors.

5. Enclose small items in glass cases

Expensive items like jewelry are generally small in size and easy to be stolen. The best way to protect it from happening is to enclose them in classy glass cases. Let the customers choose, try, and they can buy it if they want. It, in turn, saves your store from shoplifting danger.

6. Active Video Monitoring

Video surveillance can reduce the risk of Shoplifting and theft to 60%. In fact, video monitoring also helps you out catch an opportunist at the spot. Retail security cameras are a great aid to the retail security systems. Besides, video recording can be solid police and court evidence. Therefore, hiring a video surveillance security guard is the best-proposed solution.

7. Monitor Dressing Room Area

Having a strict checking in the dressing room area is vital. Dressing rooms contribute about 20% to the total Shoplifting. Besides, it becomes a question mark on the management and reputation of your store. So, the best thing you can do is assign someone, specifically the changing room area. Keep a proper check and limit the no. of items for putting on as a trial.

8. Do watch for shifty behavior

Attentive staff, if properly trained, can detect shifty behavior in seconds. Almost always, the shoplifters make some gestures that show his/her shifty behavior. For instance, some signs may be more prominent than others. They may wear unusually long sweatshirts, carry large bags, or exhibiting strange behavior. Most importantly, they always try to avoid eye contact. Also, they keep checking the staff over and over again. Do watch for such suspicious persons and keep a close eye over them.

9. Put a Check out at the Exit

Examine and tally the number of items with the bill at the exit. It creates a sense of responsibility and alerts the shoplifters. Most importantly, even the renowned stores have adopted this policy. You will notice a marked decrease in theft and Shoplifting.

10. Publicize your policy against theft

Last but not least, publicize the consequence of theft at your store. It deters the criminals as well as clearly publicize your policy against Shoplifting. A simple way to do this without being rude is to use nice but conveying quotes. For example, “Smile, you are on the camera,” or “Say Hello to the Video Guard,” “A free ride to the police station if you shoplift from this shop!” etc. 

Do Small businesses need a Retail Security Guard?

Certain factors decide either you need a security guard for your retail shop or not. Security in small shops is equally important, but the budget may be an issue. Hence, the best way to tackle Shoplifting in small shops is to hire a concierge security guard for your retail security.

These easy and cost-effective tips and tricks will help you out in the betterment of your small business. Try to invest wisely, because it makes your business progress with a pace you always dream of.

Bottom Line

Theft and Shoplifting are considered bad signs for a progressing business. Besides, they discourage the shop/store owner and slow the speed of your growing business. Hence, the best way to eradicate Shoplifting from your store is to think like a shoplifter and lessen the possibilities for him/her to act. The above-said strategies will help you out get more Control over the opportunists.

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