Why Do Businesses Need Concierge Security Guard Services?

Why Do Businesses Need Concierge Security Guard Services

With the prevailing safety conditions, security has become a top priority for businesses. Demand for Concierge Security Guard Services for business was worth $4bn in 2017 and has grown by 3.6% till the current year. It’s important to take proactive measures to protect your company’s assets and employees from the rise of vandalism, theft, and other security threats. Concierge Security Guard Services provide extensive security, protecting your property and enhancing the customer experience. A commercial concierge security company Edmonton can offer several services from monitoring your premises to assisting employees and customers with their needs.

What Exactly Is Concierge Security Guard Services?

Concierge security guard services welcome employees and visitors. They follow the protocols of the building and business managers. It offers a touch of sophistication. It provides a friendly face to visiting clients, makes building logistics smoother, and helps employees feel safer. It’s a contracted front-of-house for your business in real essence. Some business requires specialized Concierge Security Guard Services on an ongoing basis. Moreover, others seek the concierge service as a staff-fill service to substitute an employee or receptionist on leave or vacation. Let’s look at some of the functions and purposes they serve.

What Does a Concierge Security Company Edmonton Do?

People are concerned about the role of the Concierge security guards relevant to their business and most of them are interested in knowing what kind of services they offer. The key responsibility of a security concierge is to ensure the safety and sanctuary of the building and its occupants. They are accountable for monitoring the entrance and exit points by identifying potential security threats and taking appropriate action to stop them. They warmly welcome the guests, customers, and staff within the business setup with a smile and observe the security within the workplace. Also, concierge security guard services must monitor the building’s security cameras and alarms. They must always be cautious to detect scarce activity and take immediate action. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that all security gadgets are in good working condition.

Responsibilities of Security Concierge Guard Services

Concierge Security Guard Services are the first point of contact for guests, residents, and staff. They act as your frontline defense against unofficial intruders and their comprehensive training allows them to perform fire watch security duties in an emergency.

Monitor Security Cameras and Alarms: Concierge security guard services are hired to monitor the building’s security cameras and alarms. They are trained to be alert to detect unusual activity and take instant action when necessary. They are also responsible for certifying that all security equipment is in good working condition. Moreover, a highly trained concierge security guard is prepared to have valuable skills like occupational first aid training, CPR, and outstanding communication skills in an event of fire or emergency. They understand how to start an emergency response peacefully while forming a brief relationship with firefighters, ambulances, and law enforcement authorities.

Building Access Control

The concierge security company is responsible for access control access to the building. They must check visitors and ensure only authorized individuals can enter the business site. Security Concierge guards are also responsible for issuing security passes and confirming they are returned when no longer required. They have comprehensive access to the building in which they are working.

Mail & Package Handling: Many mail and packages arrive at working places and offices on daily basis. Concierge security staff are ready to help you instead of taking busy staff away from their essential duties to handle their chores. Concierge security guard services will ensure all mail and packages are safely directed to the correct recipients, meaning one less entity to worry about for property and office managers.

Manage Corporate Events: Hosting corporate events such as seminars, conferences, and meetings can be stressful. Concierge security services are also responsible for ensuring the safety of your guests and staff on top of worrying about the event logistics.

Workplace Cleanliness Maintenance: A concierge Security Company Edmonton may also be liable for preserving the building’s cleanliness if you are worried about the maintenance of your workplace. They may be required to implement routine inspections and report any maintenance problems to the respective personnel.

Benefits of Hiring Concierge Security Guard Services

Having an additional layer of concierge security guards allows customers to feel more secure in their business premises and enjoy their visit without worrying about protection. Businesses can need concierge security guard services for as many reasons as there are several types of business. Enlisted are some of the key benefits.

Concierge security guard services offer better security measures. They look for the number of people entering and leaving your business building or property. Also, the front-desk concierge can maintain a logbook of visitors. Moreover, they inspect the parking lot, foot patrol your property, and monitor security cameras.

Hiring Concierge Security Guard Services

In addition, the benefits of hiring concierge security guard services report a 10% increase in occupancy. They tell us there is around a 20% boost to the retention of business leases. Even, these services help to tackle regular interruptions that can be a real stress for you and your staff. As first impressions count, when potential clients visit your business, concierge security guard services will ensure they receive guest passes for an efficient sign-in process. This is followed by clear directions on which elevator to take and where to go for their meeting.

Furthermore, hiring a commercial concierge security guard services is essential for any business to ensure the safety of its employees. Concierge security companies in Edmonton can help to enhance productivity by providing a secure environment. They help reduce the risk of theft which can result in costly disruptions and interruptions in operations. Businesses can create a comfortable atmosphere for your employees with concierge security guard services thus boosting your company’s efficiency. Lastly, concierge security companies have teams trained to respond swiftly to suspicious activity to stop further damage. Guard24 will let you have concierge security guard services at your event to help maintain order by allowing you to focus on other aspects of organizing the event and ensuring everything runs smoothly.


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