7 Gated Community Security Mistakes to Avoid

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Security is the most important thing for any community. Gated communities are growing more and more popular due to the utmost security they provide. The thing that attracts almost everyone is the restricted permission only to the residents and verified guests. It gives peace of mind to the gated community members. People tend to be a part of an established and safer gated community with security. Hence, the trend of housing in a gated community is ever increasing. Apartments with security gated community facilities are everyone’s first choice. But a single security mistake in such situation can have terrible results. That’s why gated community security should be competent enough to handle all threats.

Here are some of the gated community security mistakes that are common and need to be avoided at any cost. So, let’s dive in to learn if your gated community security is perfect or you can do some betterment.

7 security mistakes that you need to keep away at your gated community

Here are seven security mistakes to avoid in the gated community. Getting over these will ensure the safety of your residents. So, let’s have a brief look over them.

1. Unsecured Entry points

The gated community can never be overlooked at any point. However, only putting a gate in place is not enough to secure the entry point. The expert gatecrashers can control electronically controlled gates. If a gated community security gate is your only protection, it might be uncontrolled in certain situations. Thus, always secure each entry point with a gated community security guard. They will keep an eye on whose going in and out of the area. Besides, they are skilled and trained to cope with any security threat to the residents.

2. No direct contact with security

First of all, provide direct security contact to all residents in your gated community. So, residents can instantly inform about the emergency to the security team. Hence, these security officials can be a lifesaver in emergencies like fire outbreaks, etc. For an ideal security system, residents should have a representative to inform the security team.

3. Absence of security guards

First of all, criminals observe the location carefully. Then, they keep an eye on that place for a long time before committing a crime. Hence, to avoid this problem, schedule the duties of the community security guards. As a result, they can obtain a break. Therefore, you must have to ensure that security guards are present at each entry point all the time.

4. Lack of awareness

Assessing security risk requires proper knowledge. Actually, risk assessments check the possible security breaches and include the analysis of crimes in surrounding areas. Moreover, as the gated community owner, introduce yourself to the local people of the gated community. It would help if you asked people how to increase security in your community. Also, you can ask them for information on the usual crime risks in this area. Besides, hiring a reputable security firm and arranging security seminars are a good practice.

5. Incomplete visitor logs

The most important thing is that visitors should have to sign in the visitor logs. However, these visitor logs have digital working. So, the gated community security software should be appropriately updated. Make sure to complete and update your visitor logs. Thus, your community will be more secured. Visitors should show their official ID cards when they sign in visitor logs. Actually, the visitor log also shows the period during which visitors were in the community. Besides, having a computerized record, keeping a manual log is highly recommended. Guards of the gated community should be advised to keep the visitor log properly.

6. Train your security to be proactive

Make sure that your security team should be reactive and pro-active. Otherwise, it could lead to security breaches and becomes a threat to the community. Therefore, you should always be aware and proactive of things not working in the gated community. The best way for the security team to function is to remain active to cope with any possible security challenge.

7. Poor quality CCTV cameras

Video surveillance and security cameras are an essential part of gated community security systems. Poor glitched security cameras are welcoming to opportunistic criminals. It’s common to find that some gated communities have outdated CCTV cameras. These cameras are a major security mistake at the gated communities. So, they fail to adequately cover, record, and monitor a great range of the area. Always prefer those CCTV cameras which have more night vision and screening capabilities.

Best Gated Community Security in Edmonton

Competent security makes you feel more protected and confident. Security at the gated community will quickly respond to any dangerous situation. Hence, it will retain the community more attractive and safer. So, avoiding the above-said mistakes helps you out to make a gated community more secure and safe.

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