Role Of A School Security Guard

securing exterior and interior doors from riots and violence

A school is a place where students spend their most time. Although in school, the main concern of students is with teachers. But other staff also has to deal a lot with students. Among other staff members, the school security guard has a great role.

A school security guard is one that has to protect the school. No doubt, his work is not easy. He has a lot of duties to perform energetically. Let us discuss the role of a school security guard and his duties one by one.

1. To protect students

Obviously, one of the most important duties of a school security guard is to protect students. Note that here protection doesn’t mean only for students but also of teachers as well. 

The school security guard should:

  • Be well equipped and well trained.
  • Patrol school and its surroundings frequently.
  • Present at entry and exit of school 24/7.
  • Safely take the students to the bus.
  • Help student in crossing the road etc. if they need.
  • Keep an eye on any suspicious person or activity around the school. 
  • Be active and loyal to his responsibilities.

2. To enforce rules and regulations

 Awareness is also mandatory for a school security guard. It means that he should be well aware of the rules and regulations of the school. Thus he maintains the discipline of the school. In this way, he serves as a helper with the discipline in charge of the school. 

3. To teach students about self-defense

A school security guard is not always a serious personality. But he should be friendly with students. Friendly means that he can easily convince students about something. Teaching and drilling with students are important assigned tasks to him. It is necessary because the students should know how to react in unusual situations. Education is not restricted to only books, copies, and teachers. But in a true sense, education also deals with the true perception of right and wrong. In this regard, his duties are versatile.

4. To help in emergencies

Mainly a school security guard has to deal with the school’s security. So he should be more alert and active all the time. In case of an emergency, such as fire, illness, rain, etc., he should respond quickly. He should call a fire brigade or a doctor according to the need. 

Moreover, during some unpleasant circumstances, he should vacate school efficiently. Instead of creating panic and fear among students, he should know how to control his nerves. This aspect also matters a lot and shows his professionalism.

5. To monitor students activities

As a school security guard is always present, so he is a constant observer. Another important task is to monitor and supervise the activities of students when they are outside the classroom. If he observes any student’s suspicious activity, he should immediately communicate it to a higher authority.

Furthermore, in case of any dispute between students, he should solve the problem among them. Again this needs his friendly attitude towards students. So he can convince them for sorry easily.

6. Division of labor among security guards

Since the school is a big place, a single guard is not enough to perform all these duties. There should be more than one guard in school. There should be a division of labor among security guards to fulfill their responsibilities. Each security guard should be well aware of his duties. 

These are some points that depict the role of a school security guard. Note that he not only protects our children but also plays a role in their physical education. So we should give him the due respect he deserves. In the end, be careful and wise enough to choose the right security guard for your school.

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