10 Current Threats to Hospital Security and How to Keep the Premises Safe

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God forbid! No one visits a hospital for any health issue or any of their dear ones. However, in life, everyone gets a chance to visit the hospital for a medical emergency, visit a close relative or friend, or might be any other reason. Hospitals are big buildings accommodating a lot of machinery, people visiting or admitted daily, cash flow, and data management. To cover all the vulnerable aspects tactic fully, you might need a group hospital security guard and hospital security company. Moreover, hospital and healthcare security can be a great way to secure your patient’s data and information in an encrypted way.

It might seem that hospitals are not prone to theft, cyber issues, and terror attacks but that’s a total misconception. There are way more cases of child abduction, data hacking, and many more needing reliable security services in hospitals. Guard24 is a Canadian-based company that offers security services for almost all commercial and residential sectors. We do offer Hospital Security Toronto with well-trained hospital security guards.

What Does Hospital Security Do?

Identification is the first step in doing something related to the safety and security of the hospitals. Treating patients is not the only concern faced by hospitals today but safeguarding patients, staff, and visitors must be taken into consideration for extra efforts to antedate and formulate for security threats. Hospitals are prone to misconduct and violence from patients, visitors, and seldom their staff members. Thus, security services in hospitals must include practical measures to generate and strengthen effective security practices geared toward readiness, accountability, and responsiveness.

Hospital Security responsiveness

10 Potential Threats to Hospital Security Toronto

To improve the hospital and healthcare security; there is a need to understand the potential threats to them for evaluating the best practices to overcome them. Here is the list:

Abuse and Bad Treatment by the Medical Staff

Abusive and bad behavior with medical staff is the most common issue of abuse-related injuries occurring within the hospital premises. 80% of severe and violent incidents need to be addressed with hospital and healthcare security. These incidents are caused by interactions with patients and usually hyperactive patients hit, kick, beat, and/or shove the medical staff. There might be several reasons behind the misbehavior of the patients including mental illness, addiction, and dispute behavior for creating a hostile or volatile environment within the hospital areas. There come the duties of security officers in the hospital maintaining discipline, silence, and controlling patient-inflicted violence through psychiatric aides. 

Active Aggressor Attacks

The aggressive behavior and short temper of the attackers might be due to several reasons including mental illness, games inspirations, and others. Such aggressive attackers and shooting incidents have to be tackled by the Hospital Security Company providing the security services in the hospital. There are multiple incidents in recent years when the shooter entered the hospital and open gunfire killing several patients as well as hospital staff & attendees. A hospital security guard remains vigilant to the situation and keeps an eye that no one can do harmful activity.

Infant Abductions

Hospitals are vulnerable to infant abduction so careful monitoring of the nursing section is necessary to avoid it. Hospital and healthcare security apply advanced security protocols to avoid infant abductions. The duties of a security officer in a hospital are to take preparatory measures to disgrace the stealing of a child, medical personnel supervision, and check on mother-child hand bands.

In response to infant abductions, hospitals have shortened security measures and patient awareness practices that straight address the risks. A hospital security company makes a system that does not need to be complex, however, it should be effective. Hospital security includes access control to the maternity wards and identification proof is required to visit the patient. Medical staff is provided with identification badges to further reinforce the practice.

Medical Supplies and Property Theft

Medical supplies including drugs, equipment, and other important medical instruments & chemicals are prone to theft. Moreover, this gives a huge setback to hospital expenses. Most of the time the internal hospital staff members are involved in the matters. The right hospital security company ensures the measures and screening ways to abandon the happenings. Proper data management of the hospital inventory is what hospital security does to minimize the loss. Hospital security is a good indication of security services that protect hospital assets from unnecessary overhead costs.

Medical Supplies security

Pressure to Cut Security Costs

There is constant pressure on the hospital board of directors to cut short the budget related to the hospital security company hiring and guard personnel. However, there is a proven increase in security threats with a reduction in Hospital Security Toronto.

In addition, its impact on security events such as staffing, employee training, and security equipment gives devastating restraints to an effective security solution. Hospitals need to arrange security measures that combine helpfulness with cost-efficiency to get the best return on investment with the highest possible level of hospital security.

Hospital security in Toronto demands are varying and that doesn’t need only gated security. This must to keep up the security of their patients and staff. To address the increasing risk of hospital crime, there must be prevention planning to manage the incidents. Resolutions to attain this include more advanced technology and increased security visibility to deter criminals, and data collection as well as bolstering in-house security presence.

Patient Privacy Protection

The hospital and healthcare security needs to be connected with technologically advanced IT solutions for reducing the risk of cyber data theft. Firstly, hackers from an outside location of a healthcare organization stab patients and medical systems to take and collect data for financial gain.

There is a serious threat to patients’ personal information that can be submitted for fraudulent claims to health insurers. Secondly, outside theft also includes hackers forcing healthcare organizations to pay ransom for retrieving patient data systems. Also, inside misuse is often in the form of the theft of patient data for malicious intent. A hospital security company helps the authorities to minimize patient personal information leakage. 

Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks

The revolution in the internet world has changed the entire scenario of handling things in any commercial sector. A combination of Information Technology (IT) and physical equipment in hospitals has been a unique way of creating a more accurate report with data stored for a long.

However, the systems can be hacked for malicious operations. Medical devices such as Heating, Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, and Ventilation connect internal networks that enable remote hackers to direct instructions to malware. The variation in the temperature and other things allows the hackers to detect suspicious activity.

Internal Threat

Many times internal activities are more suspicious and employees & other staff members are involved in careless and malicious actions. A hospital security guard will supervise the Guard Security Services to expose external intrusions. This could include employees intentionally giving access codes and sensitive information to criminals for profit.

Internal Threat security

Software Attacks

An attack on the supply chain software will exploit the network of the medical supplier related to the healthcare organization. Hospital and healthcare security use detection and the latest APIs to stop the vulnerability in the supplier system. It is possible with the latest defense system installed in the hospital system for threat identification.


Several healthcare cases have ransomware as a serious issue. This includes the vulnerability of web links, more specifically email, and has been a huge risk vector. It’s entirely critical to control user devices, and the types of links users are navigating on. To tackle ransomware, one can hire good hospital security for user devices. Ransomware is to use of debit/credit card information for suspicious activities.


Hospitals and healthcare security are among the utmost priority for communities. Guard24 offers you hospital security will be armed and unarmed security guards that can safeguard your hospital premises with great proactive behavior. From internal to external threats all can be dealt with with a positive attitude maintaining discipline and silence in the hospital environment. Get 24/7 security services in Canada with Guard24 and make a promising atmosphere for your patients by safeguarding their physical and personal statements.


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