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A successful business depends upon a smooth operating process to complete the job because the more efficient the process is, the more successful business is. For achieving the highest goals and landmarks in the business domain, the business should operate as smoothly as possible. When it concerns the efficiency of a business of Fire Watch Company, the hallmark should be to check every aspect. Everything, including the equipment, tools, and workers for the job should be included as all of them add to the well-organized workflow within the business.

There can always be unforeseen situations that can hamper, impede or obstruct business efficiency and may even destroy your business. One such ruinous eventuality is an accidental fire. A fire can completely wipe out a property, bring down a company, destroy a building or a construction site, and even harm people. So to protect businesses, properties, or construction sites from such a situation, a fire alarm system and fire watch security services are always vital. Professional fire watch security services can offer innumerable benefits for business owners, construction companies, buildings, and infrastructures by helping ascertain fire hazards, securing the perimeter of the entire property from a possible fire outbreak, and ensuring regular maintenance of fire suppression equipment.


Construction sites, buildings, and other business areas are always prone to fire events, especially if the fire alarms, water sprinklers, and water system is not properly functioning or is not handled/ managed by fire watch guards. It is where a well-trained fire watch guard of a Fire Watch Company can help. A fast fire watch guard can be positioned at the site from where they can keep a vigilant eye over the property.

One must think that the proper functioning of the fire alarm system is important to take necessary precautions and actions after the fire alert is received. So, why money and time should be spent on hiring a fire security guard? Fire security guards do more than just keep an eye on the property. In this paper, it will be explained, why fire watch companies are important to hire and why the appointment of a fire watch security guard is important.

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Common Potential Fire Sources

Within any building, commercial facility, or construction site, there are certainly a few possible potential fire sources. They include: –

  • Chemicals And Gas

Most commercial facilities, medical laboratories, government buildings, or construction sites have permanent or temporary storage of chemicals or gases. These chemicals and gases can be stored in various compartments and gas tanks or canisters respectively. Lids may not be secured, storage area doors may not be closed tightly, and bottles or tanks may be left, in abnormal places due to which some fire incidents can occur.

  • Faulty Wiring

Electrical fires are common in old buildings. Wiring with deteriorated coating or if the wire does not match the circuit amperage can easily arc and start a fire. The higher the amperage rating of the circuit, the larger the wires need to be to avoid superfluous heat that can melt wires and cause fires. Lines overheating, debris getting caught, or an improper wire in the wrong place can cause sparks that can result in a fire.

  • Trash And Cigarettes

Any buildup of a variety of trash at any corner of the building or the trash dump, including packing materials in stores and bundles of files can catch fire from a possible cigarette butt not fully out. Even papers in offices, clothes in a market, or wooden furniture and curtains of a room are easily susceptible to catching on fire from candles, fireplaces in rooms, and other heat sources.

  • Cooking Fires

Cooking fires can be graded as the primary cause of home fires by far, accounting for around 48% of all reported residential fires. It is considered a leading cause of home fire injuries and the second-leading cause of home fire deaths. Moreover, Kitchen fires are most often caused by leaving cooking food unattended, placing combustibles too close to the heat source, or unintentionally turning on or not turning off equipment like stoves, toasters, microwaves, and ovens.

Types Of Fire Security Equipment

There are different tools and equipment to prevent fires, out of them commonly used is the fire extinguisher. However, there are other kinds of extinguishers available with specific functions that are as under:

  • Water extinguishers are ideal for rubbish fires.
  • Electronic fires deal with using a carbon dioxide type.
  • Foam extinguishers are for fires with flammable liquids.
  • Powder extinguishers are for a variety of materials and fire types.

When it comes to fire safety on sites, having the right equipment on hand makes a big difference. If there is any equipment that doesn’t seem familiar, the employees should ask their supervisor for help. Being familiar with all the equipment on hand could mean the difference between dealing with an emergency quickly and harm to everyone in the area. Correct Fire safety equipment should be labeled and made available to everyone on the site.

Importance Of Hiring Fire Watch Companies

Hiring Fire Watch Company
  • Protecting Infrastructure From Fire Outbreak

Depending on the type of business, conditions of infrastructure, and the threat of fire perceived will dictate hiring a fire watch company for their property. Not taking precautionary measures will hamper business, put lives in danger and ultimately make the company liable for legal actions. The advantage of hiring a fire watch company is the provision of trained fire watch guards on site. They will not only secure the infrastructure but will also ensure that fire extinguishing equipment is present and in working condition. The responsibility for fire alarms also lies with these companies.

  • Maintenance And Conditioning Of Fire Equipment

Another role played by Fire Watch Security companies is the maintenance of fire equipment. Maintenance does not just save a business from the risk of fire but also helps in preventing the loss of lives. So the fire watch company must not only provide fire equipment but also maintain it.

Fire watch guards can frequently test fire prevention equipment and find out what equipment needs repair or replacement. Fire suppression equipment like a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm system, and sprinkler system must be in a building. Their use may not be regular but their proper functioning is critical and the responsibility of fire watch guards. An effective fire watch company ensures that these systems are in working condition.

  • Identify Fire Hazard

In terms of fire risk, no infrastructure is always safe. Any building can have a lot of fire hazards from aging wiring, and trash bins full of combustible materials to overheating equipment, and so many more. Professional fireguards can not only identify those hazards but can also categorize their threat level and reaction needed.

Since fire watch services are composed of well-trained professional fireguards. They remain vigilant and cognizant of every material inside the infrastructure that may act as a fire risk. Eventually, the goal of a proficient fire watch company is to make a place free of fire hazards.

  • Fire Patrol

Fire patrolling is an important preemptive measure to avoid fire outbreaks. To ensure the safety of a building, mall, or office the fire watch guard will patrol the complete premises. They will also keep an eye on electrical wires and other different fire hazards that can lead to sparks or fire outbreaks.

Another important role that can be played by fire watch guards is that they can very efficiently prevent potential arsonists from starting a fire that could cripple a business or destroy property.

  • Keeping Records

Fire watch companies conduct their work in an organized fashion. After the fire watch guards identify all the hazards, installed the fire equipment, and catered for the maintenance of fire equipment. The fire watch companies will make sure to set parameters and keep logs of every activity, finding, and anything relevant to fire safety.

The information collected by these companies is relevant to fire risk. It can provide long-term security for the company. It can be a reasonable basis for the business’s future decisions as well, and making changes or improvements to fire systems is involved. This record is updated from time to time for future improvements.

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  • Chemicals and gas canisters that are flammable in nature must be placed in a separate storage facility. The temperature of this facility must be maintained, warning signs posted, a fire alarm must be installed and doors must be sealed. Fire extinguishing equipment must be present nearby and the fire watch guards must sensitize and discourage entry of unauthorized personnel into that storage.
  • Old electric wiring can cause fires, hence good quality wiring must be installed in buildings, and a regular checkup by an electrician must be carried out. Old or faulty wirings must be immediately replaced by new ones to avoid fires in buildings.
  • Cigarette buds, candles, and fire starters must be placed at secure locations and should be away from the reach of children. Any careless approach in this aspect can cause a lot of loss.
  • Fire security apparatus and different types of fire extinguishers are the only tools to fight a fire. It is recommended that these tools must be placed inside the building to ensure a quick response from people around or fire watch guards to fight a fire.
  • Workers at construction sites must be able to handle fire extinguishing tools skillfully. Cadres can be arranged for individuals who are not familiar with their use.
  • Hiring a fire watch company to protect buildings and infrastructure is very important. As only fire watch companies are capable to provide trained fire watch guards who can not only preempt any fire outbreak but in case of fire can efficiently raise fire alarms and can evacuate the people to safety. They can also get control over a fire by efficient use of fire extinguishing equipment present in the building.
  • Fire extinguishing equipment placed inside buildings or at construction sites has an expiry date. Not everybody is trained to handle the equipment expertly. Hence it is recommended to hire fire watch guards, who will ensure routine management of this equipment. They will not only inspect and maintain the equipment but will also exchange or recondition fire extinguishing equipment so that it can be used efficiently when it is needed.
  • Fire watch guards are trained to identify fire hazards well in time. Their alert attitude and cognizant approach keep them ahead of any disaster. Company managers or building owners must keep a close check on fire watch guards. In case the guards are not trained or have an unprofessional approach toward their responsibilities, they must be reported immediately to their companies and replaced by new ones.
  • Fire watch companies must ensure that their watch guards always professionally present themselves.


For a construction company, property owners, companies, and business owners, one big concern about infrastructure or large professional buildings, is that of a potential fire. Whether in a newly raised building, a building undergoing repairs, or simply maintaining a commercial site, there is plenty of potential inflammatory material, a lot of equipment, and constant use of electricity which can cause a fire.

Fire insurance coverage is a practical approach however, hiring fire watch companies will not only help in identifying fire hazards or expected threats but will install those fire extinguishing items that can either prevent fire from happening or can get the fire under control as soon as possible. Moreover, fire watch guards can ensure the smooth functioning of these fire extinguishing equipment and can replace, repair, or carry out maintenance when and where required. Hiring a Security Company Edmonton to protect your assets is quite a beneficial step that will not only protect landlords, construction companies, and business owners from monetary losses but will also help in saving many human lives.

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