How to prevent Copper theft from your construction site?

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Copper is a valuable material, and scrap metal dealers are always eager to buy it. The value of copper in Canada has doubled over a short period of 10 years. The same is the case with copper theft reports. Copper wires are easy to steal and dispose of. If not adequately protected, it is like gold to opportunistic criminals. In fact, electrical substations, cellular towers, and construction sites are one of the easiest targets for copper stealing. 

The incidents of copper theft are ever-increasing. Since copper is a costly metal, so annual losses are also in billions. If you are worried about copper safety at your construction site, this detailed analysis is for you. Here are some tips that will be helpful to avoid copper theft. By following these easy tips, you can surely make your construction site safe from thieves. So let us briefly discuss these simple tips one by one.

1. Keep the construction site area well-lighted.

It is essential to always keep on the lights of the construction site. Lighting should be enough at night, when there is no one else since most thieves make a theft attempt, preferably in the dark. So keeping lights on will make your site more secure at night.

2. Use modern technology, e.g., security cameras and alarm systems, etc.

To keep your copper goods safe, you can also use modern technology. This modern technology includes security alarms and cameras. It helps find any suspicious person or activities with video surveillance. Similarly, the alarm will help you (or your guard) to be alert if someone is trying to enter your site.

Of course, it will be expensive but only for one time. Once you install a security setup, it will help you for a long time.

3. Keep an eye on your workers and employees.

Being a boss, you must be aware of the activities of your employees. Although your staff is reliable, still you cannot trust anyone blindly. So to prevent copper theft, keep an eye on workers. Let workers know that you are observing them. It will keep them more active and the safety of your equipment as well.

4. Store copper materials in proper storage containers

There should be some storage containers on your site to keep metal goods in it. Yet these storage containers can be costly, but your copper goods will be secure in them. You can also lock these storage containers. I hope this tip will also help you.

5. Keep copper materials according to your need and make a list of all copper goods.

Ask your supplier to supply according to your need. Means don’t keep an extra supply at your construction site. There should be no additional copper material in the storage of your construction site. Mean your every action should be well planned.

 Furthermore, keep a record of all your copper goods. So that you will be well aware of which copper things have been used and which are leftover, suppose if you have no record of your equipment, then sometimes you cannot perceive small thefts.

6. Hire a reliable person as a security guard

Another tip that can help you is hiring a security guard. The physically present guard can reduce the chances of copper theft from your site. Moreover, the person you hire for this job must be reliable and trustworthy. Although it may be expensive, obviously security will be assured.

7. The boundary of your construction site should be well fenced.

Keep your construction or storage site adequately fenced. Locked fencing will keep thieves away from your site. For this, place all your copper goods at the same storage site and use a lock fence.

8. Paint copper goods black or white

Another aspect is that paint copper goods black or white. It will keep thieves away from your copper equipment. But keep in mind that paint does not spoil your copper goods either make them useless for you.

I hope you will find these tips helpful. And now, you are well aware of how to prevent copper theft from your construction site. All you need is to follow these tips, and you will be safe from some profound loss.

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