What are the Best Practices for Construction Site Security?

It’s no surprise that construction sites are the primary targets for thieves and criminals. Every construction site is wide and open as well as contains a lot of important valuables.

Whether a residential or a commercial construction site, it houses different assets like copper wires, machinery, tools, and other supplies, making the area a good target for theft and vandalism.

According to a recent estimate, every construction site experiences a theft of $300 million to $1 billion every year, and unfortunately, only one-fifth of the assets get recovered. Not only that, but construction sites also have the highest rate of fatal work injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the number of deaths on construction sites has increased to 40%.

Therefore, every construction company in Edmonton should be concerned about injuries, theft, vandalism, liability issues, and many other problems as they can cause trouble in the future and cost thousands of dollars. 

The only solution to protect your construction site assets is to work with Edmonton construction security services that have proficient knowledge and expertise in handling every complicated situation.

However, you also need to follow some best practices that can boost the security of your construction site and minimize injuries, theft, trespassing, and other issues.

Organizing Your Construction Site:

Organizing your construction site is one of the best ways to keep it secure from unwanted incidents. With an organized construction site, you can simply boost safety, boost profits, and maximize productivity levels. When you organize your construction site, you can reduce the distance of transporting goods to their destination. 

All the required materials and tools can easily, safely, and quickly move around the site without wasting any time.

You can also have safe and effective storage of tools and materials and even avoid duplicate handling of supplies and materials. By organizing the site properly, you can efficiently limit the possibility of theft, vandalism, and material breaking.

Hire On-site security personnel:

Your on-site security personnel are your visual deterrents that help protect your site against opportunistic thieves, trespassers, and vandals.

Ill-intended people usually implement a lot of new techniques to dodge workers and technology. However, when you hire professional construction security guards, it will probably make them question their choices and they might hesitate to implement their clever intentions.

Besides that, security guards monitor the surroundings 24 hours a day and communicate with an efficient remote surveillance team. They also handle the situation responsibly and quickly, especially in emergencies.

Protect the Perimeters and overall site:

Protecting your perimeter and surroundings is also a crucial element. Make sure you use proper lighting, locks, fences, and other criminal deterrents to secure your construction site. Using locks and fences is a must as it can secure entry points, vehicles, machinery, tools, and other necessary equipment.

Moreover, dark construction sites are the ideal hiding places for thieves and robbers. So, when you install bright lights on the construction site, they can illuminate your overall surroundings and alert thieves and trespassers that the site is occupied and under surveillance.

Add Video Surveillance System:

Did you know you can wirelessly monitor your construction site even if it’s midnight? Yes, that’s true. However, you need to install a proper video surveillance system, which is probably the basic step in creating an ideal hybridized construction site security solution.

With video surveillance cameras, you can manage a variety of functions. They offer a 360-degree view of the construction site, 24-hour motion recording, monitoring of workers and surroundings, and long-range thermal detection.

Combined with high-quality software, your cameras will be able to generate super-efficient analytics data.

Many construction site owners choose live monitoring of their video surveillance system so they can get the most out of it. This allows on-duty workers to deal with thieves and criminals, and contact emergency services in real-time.

Develop a Powerful Construction Site Security Plan:

As mentioned earlier, every construction site houses a lot of expensive items and valuables, such as large machinery, small tools, and different supplies. You cannot easily protect these items if you don’t have an actionable security plan.

That’s the reason you need to develop a powerful construction security plan to protect your assets and property from unwanted damage. You can even get the help of a construction site security company, as they work with professionals who have expertise in creating plans and strategies.

Make sure the strategy documents how to protect the valuables and property from thieves and vandals, and what steps should be taken if the site faces any threat or damage.

Final Thoughts:

The cost of implementing the right security solutions is much lower than the cost of facing some bad incident. Construction sites are more vulnerable to theft and unwanted accidents than any other building. These sites encourage thieves and criminals to make clever plans as they think the area is not occupied and monitored 24/7.Therefore, it is recommended to work with an expert security company for your construction site or at least implement all the best practices to keep your site protected from accidents. If you’d like to learn more about security professionals and practices, speak to the construction security experts at Guard24 and find out how a top-rated firm can keep your site safe from damage and theft.

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