Copper Wires are High Theft on Construction Sites – How to Prevent this Unusual Crime?

According to an estimate, 55% of copper theft happens on commercial properties all around the world. Thieves and criminals have been stripping copper wires from construction sites for years, which has been creating a rash of headaches for site owners, workers, and security professionals.

This unusual crime has also increased in Edmonton; in fact, it has tripled in the last three years. Why? Criminals know that they can sell this highly demanded item for a good price. A small pallet of copper wiring is worth more than $6,000, making this a growing temptation for thieves who are looking to take advantage of this high-grade material.

When copper wires are stripped from your construction site, it leaves a trail of destruction behind that causes an unrecoverable loss to property owners.

To combat this growing trend, it’s important to hire a full-fledged security company in Edmonton as they have dedicated and licensed construction security guards who can help prevent this loss and offer great peace of mind.

Let’s find some great tips and steps to stop the spread of this unusual crime on construction sites.

Tips to Secure the Construction Site from Copper Wire Theft:

To secure your construction site from copper wire theft, it’s important to implement these important measures:

  • Increase Lighting After Work Hours:

One of the best ways to secure your construction site from copper wire theft is to add more lighting, especially after work hours when the site is not occupied. Adding lights to sensitive areas will be a great deterrent to thieves.

  • Don’t Order Copper Wires Earlier than You Need:

It’s better to order the required amount of copper wires that can be utilized on the spot. Do not order them earlier than necessary. The longer the copper wires are exposed, the greater the risk of theft.

  • Secure all the perimeters:

Securing all the perimeters by installing fences with barbed wire is another essential requirement. Make sure the fences are carefully locked and monitored.

  • Post “No Trespassing” Placards:

It’s also recommended to post “No Trespassing” placards and use different alert signs as they indicate the presence of video surveillance and CCTV monitoring.

  • Secure the building’s access:

Another idea is to secure your building’s access efficiently by installing deadbolts and window and gate locks.

  • Controlled Access to the Building:

Thieves can often find hidden places to gain entry into a building. That’s why it’s important to remove access to roofs, trees, scaffolding, dumpsters, and other accumulated materials that could help them get in.

  • Hire Qualified Security Officers:

If you want additional protection, it’s better to hire qualified security guards at your construction site, as they are vigilant enough to control all unwanted situations. They are equipped with advanced weapons and can better deal with criminals.

  • Consult with security companies in Edmonton:

If your construction site is big and possesses a lot of copper wiring and other valuable materials, then it’s recommended to follow a better approach and consult with a construction security services Edmonton that can create the best security plans to deal with all the theft and damage. Besides providing security guards, they will also install a surveillance system, conduct mobile patrols, and take other essential measures to secure your construction site.

  • Mark Supplies with Your Company Name:

Many construction site owners prefer to mark the supplies with their company name. It’s the best approach that can alert criminals. By doing this, they will be aware of the fact that it’s personal property and they cannot touch it without consent. You can mark copper wires and other metals with your name using any hard-to-remove decal, engraving equipment, or even paint.

  • Ensure CCTV Installation:

It’s not possible for workers, managers, and other security professionals to monitor the entire construction site. Therefore, CCTV installation is arguably the best way to reduce the risk of copper wire theft. The properly installed CCTV security system will monitor each part of your construction site 24 hours a day, even after the regular work hours.

  • Keep the Record:

You need to maintain detailed records of the copper wire required on your construction site. This will help stop trespassers and thieves from stealing the copper wires. It will stop dishonest employees, and they won’t be able to take it without reporting it to the management. With proper records of the copper wire on your construction site, you can easily file a police report and make it challenging for the criminals to sell your item.

Final Thoughts:

The theft of copper leads to a great loss and destruction for both workers and construction site owners. You need to make your construction site less tempting and vulnerable to would-be thieves. And this is only possible when you follow the above-mentioned tips and suggestions.

Whether you have a small construction site or a big one, there will always be the possibility of copper wire theft, which could cost you thousands of dollars.Hiring a security company like Guard24 is probably one of the greatest steps to reduce the chances of any theft. The company is committed to offering dedicated support by implementing comprehensive security plans and strategies. If you need more help or information, consult with the team and find out how they can help you with their tailor-made security solution.

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