Importance and Observation of Security Company Edmonton

Importance and Observation of Security Company Edmonton

The first thing that comes into their minds is the appearance and personality of security guards when you think about security guard company in Edmonton. Mostly, their observation skills are always overlooked. Observation skills are one of the most essential skills that security guards carry with them. To be a great security officer, every individual must possess good observation skills. The observation skills of a security guard play a vital role in creating a safe environment for all the people on the premises, the assets of an organization and the premises altogether.

Importance and Observation of Security Company Edmonton:

Security is all about safety and protection which is possible if you own keen observation skills to smell upcoming threats are good enough. A good Security Company Edmonton hire guards with skills to handle and observe as the main source of reliability. Such services for a firm is to protect its premises from employees and assets. Having a weapon and daring personality is not just enough, guards have to be able to whiff any odd movement and behavior in the surrounding. Security company Edmonton not only handle emergencies and situation on the spot but also observe the surrounding before any incident happen. Enlisted are some of the daily situations where keen observation skills matter a lot:

  • A person hesitating or avoiding eye contact or get nervous while having random dialogues could be a possible intruder. Someone showing keen interest in security strategies and how the guard is managing to keep the security tight is also an indication of threat.
  • Creating any distraction or trying to move the guard focus from a particular spot. Also, odd dressing despite of surrounding or weather. Caring something extra like a bag that do not fit in the situation and acting a little odd without any reason or sweating despite of normal weather.
  • A person steering with vague explanation. Don’t leave when asked. Lastly, taking photos or recording videos of retracted area without any authority permission.

Key Points to Observe as a Professional Security Company Edmonton

Good observation skills help a professional guard detect any potential threat for the company. They have to be keen observer on duty. It’s their responsibility to have an eye on everyone despite of how good he thinks they are. Problem creator people never tells before creating problem it’s the duty of the guard to observe everyone with a doubt but keep silent unless you find a clue of culprit. All five sense of a security guard must act wisely on duty.

  1. Eye: Have an eye on all the happening within and outside the surrounding. Restrict strangers from entering. Time to time have an eye on cameras to spot unauthorized entry
  2. Ears: Pay attention towards any unusual sound or noise. No unusual noise must ignored whether it’s loud or not.
  3. Nose: Sense any unusual or weird smell. It could be of anything’s any gas or chemical leaked.
  4. Touch: personally check all the entries no matter how old their relationship is with the company. They are hired by the company for building security not relationships.

Details to Observe for Security Guard:

Security Guards Services Company focuses on observation of specific details including movement, the first and foremost thing to observe as Security Guard Services Edmonton is movement. A guard can instantly get the culprit by unusual movement. If they see anyone moving suspiciously they can start observing the person to get to the know truth. They can spy the movement by using cameras and other gadgets. Another is space management is very important while guarding the premises. There are usually more than one guard for security. It’s the guard’s duty to make sure that there is no space overlooked while assigning areas.

Also, the guard must notice any alteration or differences in surfaces nearby.  If they see so they should immediately investigate about the change. Shadows reveals activities and movement. Guards especially allotted night duty must observe shadows. Moreover, observing silhouettes and shapes for a guard is equal important. Identifying familiar figures means everything is ok but if a guard spots any silhouette or shapes it means there is something to pay extra attention.

Excelling security company Edmonton hire guard to duty beyond just looking around. It’s about actively participating in different activities happening within the premises to observe for the safety. For the purpose, with good observational skills the guard needs special training to polish their observation and other guarding skill. There are different Security Guard Companies in Edmonton which provides special training to their hired guard to enhance their skill to provide excellent security to the company they are appointed for.

How to Enhance Observational Skills

Guards without possessing great observational skills are impractical. What’s the point of security if the guard hire is not a keen observer? In past companies use to prefer retired army personnel’s as a guard as despite of age their observation skills are fully polished. But now you can have young talented young guards by enhancing their observation skills by training. Good memory is equal to good observation. To detect abnormal state the must memorize the normal state. How is it possible for a guard to find out something strange and different when he is unaware of normal situation?To enhance memory skills let’s have a look on different human memory parts and how they work?

  • Sensor record: initial memory processing starts with the use of 5 senses. Touch, hear, smell, see and taste.
  • Short/ long term memory: short term memory holds limited data for few minutes where as long term memory can hold unlimited data for a long period of time.

For instance, if you are appointed as guard in parking lot of a mall. It’s almost impossible to memories daily 1000s of faces daily so it is better to note down basic importation of people present in car and their car number.

Guard24 is a Security Company Edmonton supplying guards all over with best observational skills. Our highly talented guards are appointed after undergoing different training.


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