Evaluation of the Construction Site Risks Before the Project

Construction Site Risks

Construction has been around since mankind exists; people use to make houses with bushes, stone, clay, and the trend going on. Even now the trend has shifted from houses & single-story buildings to multi-story apartments & high-rise buildings. The expansion of construction style has raised the need for construction site security. It is no surprise that construction sites are major targets for theft and vandalism with construction materials and expensive tools everywhere. If the construction site won’t hire proper construction site security companies, then there could be unplanned costs and delays to your project.

Construction site security guards are expensive and often cannot properly protect the site.

Construction site security has the most important way of protecting the premises with the evaluation of video analytics. Most commercial & residential construction site security includes CCTV monitoring and surveillance. CCTV construction site security is much more cost-effective and is becoming more trustworthy nowadays. But only CCTV camera installation is not for construction site monitoring; businesses & residential sectors should take other security measures as well to prevent unwanted incidents at the construction site.

Most Vulnerable things at Construction Site

Plants, materials, and fuel are the main possessions that are at risk for theft at the construction site through attacks on workers, vandalism, arson, and security fissures of transitory construction site buildings. There are hazards in the form of entree by protestors that may try construction site theft eventually damaging its image. Construction Site Security Guards also have a responsibility to protect the community. Most construction sites require access control to define boundaries and steps to eliminate unauthorized people. Moreover, there is loss of lives and injuries at the construction site due to unattended vehicles or plants, or by tools & materials falling outside of the construction site boundary.

Project Security Risks

Before you can fully plan for construction projects, your worksite must be encrypted from trespassers, and construction site security companies need to understand the security risks it faces. Considering the risks will help you plan methods to reinforce security and lessen losses. Contemplate planning for following:

  • Tools, materials, and equipment theft 
  • Arson
  • Vandalism
  • Violence
  • Trespassers
  • Cyber-threats
Construction Site Security risks

Crime prevention can be upgraded by hiring construction site security guards that must be aware of the construction site risks and tackle them with great efficiency: 

  • Evaluate Before You Construction

Construction site security guards understand each security risk; however, there evaluate the specific project requirements by assessing the premises.  They start with a pre-construction security location assessment. The assessment should interpretation for project type, location-specific exposures, socioeconomic factors, and the level of public resistance or support surrounding your construction project. Collected, these factors can give the construction team an improved picture of increased risks to the job site. 

  • Reduce entry points

Construction site security companies help to set up perimeter security after the initial location assessment.  This will entail several strategies to reduce entry points while shielding the few entrances that give exist assess.

  • Warning signs: Post signs all over the construction site that warns of trespassing and the CCTV surveillance intimation.
  • Premises fencing: Set up fencing and obstructions to build controlled and monitored entrance points for allowed suppliers, contractors, and vehicle entry.
  • CCTV Camera systems: Prepare your construction site with the supposition a crime will ultimately take place by installing CCTV cameras on premises that are difficult to access. Moreover, use the cameras with night vision competencies to confirm your construction site has surveillance every hour.
  • Lighting: A brightened construction site at night, in connection with camera systems, make criminals feel threatened. Even if then the criminals succeed to commit a crime, the probabilities of being caught through lighting and video are much higher. Install permanent and motion lighting with the help of construction site security companies.
  • Discourage equipment theft

With all the entry access control to entry & exit points; some trespassers still attempt to take assets and equipment even with noticeable deterrents. Construction site Security Guard Services Edmonton takes the responsibility of supervision and mobile patrolling. The aim is to cover all the areas to prevent crime & trespassers’ intentions. Moreover, such important steps are taken to:

  • Restrict and remove batteries from equipment. Use hidden ignition switches.
  • Lock up equipment, tools, and materials when needed
  • Equip means of transportation with hidden geofencing and GPS tracking devices alerts
  • Stock valuable supplies at advanced levels as the building develops; Integrate netting, toe boards, or guardrails to inhibit materials from falling.
  • Restrict the amount of time for high-value supplies located at the construction site. That means when you need materials on a definite day, request for the supplier to deliver them the day prior to usage day.
  • Post-breach securities

When a fissure occurs, response times are decisive. Integrate alarm systems and motion sensors to alert construction site security guards in the adjacent area of a breach through sounds and lights. Other choices include a silent alarm system that signals local authorities and construction site security companies when a breach occurs.

If the business hires onsite construction site security guards, discuss strategies regarding parking, how many times they should march the property, and which premises to patrol.

Be open to discussing the option you rely on, maintain and contact with local authorities to discuss how often they observe your construction site premises.

Construction Site Security services
  • Minimize after-hour dangers

Equipment and materials are some major financial assets at construction sites but don’t forget about your workers’ safety. As the construction team walks outside the construction site, they may be targeted by potential thieves, particularly if they’re transferring tools or other supplies. Instruct employees to leave in groups to offer more security at shift ends.

  • Reinforce online security

The pieces of advice mentioned above should help you lessen physical security risks, but never forget to include cybersecurity in your plan. Construction processes are becoming prone to phishing, ransomware, and fraudulent parody as more data moves online.

  • Disconnected the network cameras employed from other technology to limit surveillance fissures by cybercriminals.
  • Recognize and encrypt sensitive data.
  • Create a data backup and rescue plan.
  • Apply firewalls to limit access to malevolent IP addresses.
  • Need multi-factor authentication on all construction site devices.
  • Stock physical backup copies of subtle data in a safe location with limited access.
  • Educate employees to recognize cyber threats. Check them randomly throughout the year to uphold awareness.

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