7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing A Security Guard Company in Edmonton


2020 has been so unpredictable as it has affected all in one way or the other. An active security guard is the need of the time now. Whether you are an entrepreneur, company owner, or having a small-scale business, your premises need security. Not only the stores or offices, but schools and residential areas also need security. So, it’s really important to have a sharp analysis before choosing a security guard company in Edmonton.

Technically savvy masterminds are involved in crimes these days. To tackle this situation, you need to choose a security guard company in Edmonton more wisely. If you are planning to have a reliable security service, here are some expert opinions.

Here is a list of security guard job description. This simple checklist will help you find the perfect security firm for your premises:

1. Is the Security Company Locally Owned or Nationally Operated?

It might not be so easy to decide which security guard company in Edmonton to choose. When you live in Canada’s festival city and such a great Metropolitan, the competition becomes even fierce. It is essential to check the status of the company, whether it’s local or nationally operated.

Experts recommend going with the locally owned company e.g. Edmonton security companies when you have a small business. It guarantees better communication with the company. Also, small security agencies do it with more passion and responsibility. But if you have a more extensive business set-up, we suggest going with the nationally operated one. They have professionals and experienced officers.

2. Does the company have experience regarding your security demand?

Having a security company that understands the needs of your business is a blessing. Always make sure openly asking about their experience regarding your security demands. You may never want to waste your money over a security service that doesn’t even understand your demands.

For example, school security demands may be different compared to hospital security. Be sure that they have clients with a business similar to yours, especially in size and type.

3. How their customers describe their service (Online Testimonials)?

There is no way better to evaluate a security service than checking their online testimonials. Make sure to check what their clients are saying about them. Never make a decision based on stars; instead, take time to read the comments.

Don’t form a negative opinion based on a single bad review. Maybe the company has already sorted that out. Several bad reviews are surely a red flag. Go with the percentage ratio and decide accordingly.

4. How effective is a company’s response rate?

Response time and quality of response can give you an insight into the company’s efficiency. Security should not be judged based on the no. of staff; they are having. Preferably a professional security guard company in Edmonton needs to be assessed by their staff’s dedication. Friendly and responsible staff should be considered a good plus point.

This step further narrows down your opinion and makes the decision easier.

5. Does the Security firm offer specialized training to their guards?

Experts highly recommend a security guard company in Edmonton that provides mandatory training to their guards. Authorized security companies invest in specialized training for their guards.  It helps them perform their duties with confidence.

For example, an ordinary security guard cannot perform fire watch duty unless trained to do so. Every sector requires a different type of security. Demand more information about their existing training infrastructure to have a better idea.

6. Does the Security company justify its Pricing policy?

Low prices may seem attractive, but don’t compromise on the quality. If a company offers much lower rates than others, try investigating what’s behind their pricing. There might be some hidden additional charges or fewer duty hours.

Low charges sometimes mean the least security services and low paid guards. Sometimes, the primary reason behind such a low price is no infrastructure to provide 24/7 support and regular supervisor check-ins. Don’t compromise your business security for a few dollars. These are the security guards responsibilities.

7. Ask for a one on one meeting with the guard.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to ask the security guard company in Edmonton to arrange for a one on one meeting with the guards.  It creates better communication and understanding with the guard. Don’t forget to check the security guard NOC. Also ask for their license, for example, Alberta security license.

You can design a blueprint of the duties with the officer. Do ask for commercial security cameras. It not only creates a sense of satisfaction to the client but to the security firm as well. Moreover, the security guard’s confidence also gets increased to a great extent.

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 End Words

These are some of the strategies that help you chose the best security guard service for your premises. Guard 24 Security Services is the best security guard company in Edmonton that guarantees the above-discussed specifications professionally. Choose Guard 24 for high security in Edmonton.

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