Benefits of having a Fire Watch Security Guard in Edmonton


A fire watch Security is a provisional arrangement to check your property at specific intervals. It potentially eliminates the risk of extreme fire hazards situations. Hiring a fire watch guard can safeguard your life and property. They monitor the areas that need fire security. In case of any emergency, they act swiftly by alerting the fire department. So, there are huge benefits of having a fire watch security guard in Edmonton.

Who needs a Fire Watch Security Guard in Edmonton?

The safety of your employees, equipment, and property is important. It needs a professional fire watch security guard in Edmonton. A fire watch security system is strictly needed in areas like:

  • Industries
  • Construction sites
  • Business sectors
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical industries and suppliers

A fire watch security company is a must-have when:

  1. You don’t have an efficient alarm system in the building
  2. Your fire sprinkles don’t work properly
  3. The industry you own deals mainly in toxic chemicals, explosive materials, pharmaceutical, or chemical storage
  4. The alarm system in your company has failed an inspection
  5. The fire system at your area is not powerful enough to control unexpected fires

How does a Fire Watch Security guard in Edmonton guard work for you?

Hiring a fire watch patrol service is the best solution in the above-proposed circumstances. Fire at a working place can cause loss of thousands or even millions of dollars to the owner. Therefore, a small investment in fire security can save you from a significant loss.

Fire watch patrol guards are specially trained to watch for and detect any signs of fire. They perform technical on-site safety functions. A fire watch security guard performs the following duties at the workplace:

  • Patrols every floor of the duty area every 45 minutes or an hour
  • Identifies and reports any suspicious fire security concern
  • Checks fire safety equipment at regular intervals
  • Raises the alarm in case of a fire and contacts the nearest fire department immediately
  • Manages the crowd and ensures the exit is clear in case of an emergency
  • Manages and shifts sensitive equipment as and when needed.
  • Documents the patrol activities in a patrol log
  • Ensures compatibility with the construction site security demands
  • Monitors the site and fire hazards attentively
  • Regular check-ups of the anti-fire equipment are essential to keep them fully operational.

Benefits of Fire Watch Security Guard Service

Sudden fires can cause an enormous monetary loss to the owner.  Also, a fire accident in a workplace has long term psychological impacts on the employees or residents. Hiring a professional Fire Watch Security Guard in Edmonton knocks out such risks.

A fire watch emergency response company can be the best alternative to fire systems. During patrolling, they explore all the aspects of your commercial property. That’s why they are well aware of the safety exits and know how to manage an emergency.

They lower the risk of business shut down or huge losses. Negative publicity due to a fire accident can be problematic for your business. A confident fire watch guard service kicks out this insecurity.

Best Fire Watch Security service in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver

A good Fire Watch Security is vital for any organization operating in Western Canada as they may be exposed to potential fire hazards. Are you looking for incredible services of fire watch security guard in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver? You have just found the right firm.

Guard 24 Security Services provides the well-organized services of fire watch security guard in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We are a cost-effective and the best fire watch security firm that provides certified fire watch officers to your organization.

Our guards are well-versed in repairing fire security systems. They have managed sudden malfunctions many a time. In turn, we got many satisfied permanent clients.

Why Chose Us?

Guard 24 Security Services offers leading security solutions throughout Western Canada.  Edmonton and Calgary are our main work areas. Our officers are highly experienced in handling a fully equipped fire safety mechanism.

We have the fastest response time than any other fire watch security service in Edmonton. We provide efficient services of fire watch security guard in Edmonton. Guard 24 ensures a 24/7 availability and monitoring of your property as and when needed. We are a leading Fire watch in Calgary, striving to provide you the best.

We have a highly sophisticated dispatch center that remains connected to on-duty guards round the clock. Our guards are educated as well as trained. That’s the reason they keep a fire log. This log is always available for review to the fire department and the owner. In case of any emergency, our guards are skilled in managing the danger and calling the nearest fire department.

We believe in Professional Security Services, you can trust!

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