Video Monitoring For Business In Edmonton

Video Monitoring For Business In Edmonton

Video monitoring for businesses, especially in Edmonton, has become very important. In a report by Maclean’s, Edmonton has a crime rate index of 123. In comparison, the average for Canada is 75.25. 

The higher the risk, the better your security system should be. Therefore, to keep your business safe, you must have a proper security system. Specially designed video surveillance systems are the best security solutions to your business needs.

Video monitoring for business security is more flexible than any other system. Since they provide wireless cameras, remote connectivity, and full system integration, security becomes unbeatable.

Video security for business- How does it work?

Video security is a great innovation for people in the business. First of all, it is a powerful system to see what you have been missing out at the business. Video monitoring for business security systems are simple to operate. There are 3 major security elements involves:

  • High-definition security cameras
  • A control/ dispatch center with a monitor
  • An active security guard for video monitoring

There is a process of working in video security systems. A high-quality camera is installed in the area that needs security. A control room is formed where a responsible security officer monitors 24/7. The control center authority has emergency numbers if some unfortunate incident is likely to happen. 

A video surveillance system for business is the need of time today. It is especially vital for new businesses where the security demand is high. Therefore, a wise businessman invests in the right video monitoring for business. In turn, this saves time and money.

Benefits of Video monitoring for business

There are lots of advantages to video security systems for your business. You may find them really helpful. So, let’s get started:

1. Prevents shoplifting and theft

More than 64% of the small businesses faced shoplifting and theft in 2019. Hiring the right video monitoring service reduces this risk by more than 70%. 

2. Useful criminal evidence

No business is truly safe and exceptions are always there. CCTV videos can be used as strong evidence in case of any mishap. For example, the Police department solves more than 75% of the cases simply by video recordings. 

3. Improves business security

According to a recent study, small businesses have 35% more chances of theft by the employees. CCTV and video monitoring for business help owners to overcome this risk. 

4. Better employee productivity

It’s not always possible to be on round or to check the working of the individual employees. Video access directly to the workplace ensures better productivity. Now you can check the workflow from time to time. Employees will also try to stick to their seats once they know about the monitoring.

5. Protection against Burglary

Burglary is the illegal entrance into someone’s premises with an ill intention. It causes a remarkable loss to business and a mark on the reputation and security. In conclusion, a CCTV camera is the most effective step against burglary as it deters such opportunists.

Best Video monitoring for Business service in Edmonton

Guard 24 is the most reliable security guard company in Edmonton. We have the exact solutions to your security demands. Our company provides video monitoring officers to large and small industries. Our guards are highly trained to look for any unusual activity by keeping an eagle eye on your property. 

We don’t wait for an incident to occur. Guard 24 team monitors your property 24/7. In case if we detect some suspicious activity, our operators call the police in no time. As a result, we kick out the danger before it harms your property. 

Why choose us?

Guard 24 is the leading security company in Edmonton. We are 100% Edmonton based. We know the security needs of your area and know how to manage them. G24 Security Services, Edmonton has the highest ratio of satisfied clients over the past 5 years. 

We charge highly affordable prices for all types of security needs in Edmonton. The best thing about our company is a highly active dispatch center that works 24/7. Guard 24 operates under the State and Fire Marshall protocols and provide reports. Finally, many big names of Edmonton trust Guard 24 and are our regular clients. 

Video monitoring services we provide

At Guard 24 we provide video monitoring services in the following sectors:

  • Event security services
  • Healthcare security services
  • Construction site Security Edmonton
  • Commercial security systems
  • Canadian protection services
  • Home security systems Edmonton
  • Calgary security services
  • Calgary airport security

Areas we serve

  • Edmonton Security Services
  • Nisku Security Services
  • Wetaskiwin Security Services
  • Calgary Security Services

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