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In the event that their neighbourhoods are overrun by a civil disturbance event, business owners should take steps to deter, minimise, or avoid harm to their land. In any situation, no single metric is accurate. Each defensive strategy comes with its own set of difficulties and vulnerabilities. A boarded-up storefront’s visual perception of crime could establish a self-fulfilling prophecy of continued crime and disorder. Trespassers or vandals who are emotionally charged and determined may be able to overcome any tactic or defensive measure, but best measures to prevent damage and looting may  alberta security guard training   help to minimise the loss. Guard24 should be assessed by business and property owners. Examine your property for perimeter security flaws or holes, and don’t forget to consider nearby businesses, parking lots, alleys, and street frontage when assessing its security and vulnerability. In most cases, riots and looting target businesses and property based on their proximity to the riot’s epicentre, rather than the type of business.

Both windows and doors should be covered with exterior grade plywood.

To shield store doors and windows from damage and intruders, use exterior grade (CDX) plywood (5/8-inch or thicker). Determine the most effective way to fasten the plywood panels to the structure. Plywood nailed to the window frame provides less stable protection than anchors and bolts, screws, tracks, and headers.For windows and doors, burglar-resistant materials (meeting UL 972 standards) may be used. These materials have the appearance of regular glass, but they are resistant to shattering, even when subjected to frequent blows. The window would be more damage resistant if protective film is applied to the inside and frame of unprotected glass.Separate the roadway/parking  alberta security lot from the storefront areas with temporary fencing or barriers.For vandals and intruders, fencing or barriers can be an effective deterrent. Temporary construction fencing (interconnected panels – 6-foot or higher) may act as a barrier between a chaotic crowd and vulnerable entry and storefront areas.For temporary barrier defence of storefront areas from vehicle ramming, water or sand-filled barrels or barricades may be used. This form of barrier may not be effective  security calgary  in preventing rioters from breaking through the barrier line, but it can be effective in preventing the use of a vehicle as a weapon to damage people or property.

Remove high-value items from storefront windows or out of plain sight

High-value merchandise (jewellery, electronics, etc.) displayed in window displays or interior display cases visible from the street can attract and entice looting. Remove and lock all high-value products, or use barriers (furniture, other showcases, etc.) to hide merchandise from view from the outside.Things that may be used as means for unlawful entry or projectiles to inflict  security services companies   damage or personal injury should be removed or hidden.Inspect the area around the store for loose and easily accessible objects such as benches, bicycle racks, landscaping stone, building materials, idle store fixtures, and other items that could be used as a tool to gain illegal entry or as a weapon during the riot. Consider how rioters might use some of these items to cause collateral damage or harm to others. Remove, cover, and protect these items to prevent rioters from obtaining possible weapons or destruction equipment.

Garbage cans that might catch fire should be secured or hidden

Transfer garbage bins as far away from the building as possible to minimise possibility as instruments of arson. Containers should be secured in place (if possible) to prevent them from being security services companies  moved to start or fuel a fire.Check that any sprinkler and water supply equipment that is visible from the outside is operational, tamper-proof, and controlled. Exterior risers should be chained open and controlled from a distance.

Lights that can be moved around to illuminate storefront areas

Since vandals like to operate in the dark, bright lights are an effective deterrent. The lighting makes the property less appealing to vandals and other criminals. During an unrest case, lighting increases the ability of cameras to detect and locate vandals or looters. Permanent lighting should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the property is well lit at night. Keep an eye on the growth of shrubbery and trees to ensure that light is not obstructed by overgrowth.

Roof access ladders or ladder cages need to be protected

Demonstrators or vandals could gain access to rooftop areas and equipment if roof access ladders or hatches were not secured. Intruders who gain access to the roof can be able to penetrate it, gaining access security license edmonton  to interior areas and potentially causing harm, theft, or loss of rooftop equipment. Both roof access ladders should have locked security gates to prevent unauthorised access. Hardened steel lock shackles should be at least 9.32mm thick. A padlock with a protected or concealed shackle is more resistant to pry bars and bolt cutters. Ensure that trees near buildings are properly cut to discourage rioters/looters from using them to gain access.Cash and computers containing consumer data should be removed from the premises.Tools containing  security license alberta  private customer or other business-critical information should be removed or secured as soon as possible. In the wake of the civil unrest, double-check that all business-critical data is backed up and available. Money and high-value products have been withdrawn from the property, as shown by signage on doors/barriers. Deterring possible intruders and robbers by leaving empty cash drawers open.

Visible defence presence for a limited time

Security guards who have been trained and have experience managing emergency situations will have video security system   procedures in place. During a riot, the presence of uniformed guards can discourage looters or assist in de-escalating immediate threats in dangerous and uncertain situations.

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