Tips to follow for the retail store security guards

Benefits of hiring security guards for your workplace

During a break-in, time is of the essence. It only takes a few minutes for criminals to break into your shop. Install monitored alarms to stay connected to your shop. These devices may detect an open door, a broken  security guard edmonton  window, or movement. When the sensor is activated, an audible warning sounds to deter intruders. A notification is sent to both your mobile device and the monitoring centre, which then dispatches the appropriate authorities.

Access Control should be integrated

Retailers may use access control technology to restrict who has access to certain parts of their shop. You’ll know when your workers arrive at work and what areas they enter at any given time if you grant  fire watch security guard  them special codes. If something is missing from the storage room, for example, time logs will indicate who was in the room and when. This will assist you in identifying the offender.

Electronic Article Surveillance should be included

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a shoplifting prevention method that includes tagging clothing and products. After the purchase, an  alberta security guard training   employee must deactivate or delete the tag. An alarm sounds and the store owner is automatically notified if an EAS tag exits the store without being removed.

Increase the security of your network

Retail stores today are vastly different from those of the past. Market payment methods have changed as a result of technological advancements, and point-of-sale (POS) systems often depend on an Internet connection to work.POS systems, on the other hand, are highly useful to  alberta security guard license hackers because they contain confidential data such as credit card information. If your POS system is hacked, the results are disastrous. As a result of a breach, retailers can lose consumer confidence and be liable to litigation and large settlements.

Implement the following cyber protections to protect your store’s POS system:

Install antivirus software to search for malware and malicious files on a regular basis.

Encrypt sensitive consumer data as it travels through networks to keep it secure.

Enable two-factor authentication and create long passwords that require you to confirm your identity each time you log in. Passwords should be modified every six months and should include uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.To prevent hackers from easily identifying  security services companies   network vulnerabilities, keep all applications up to date.Incorporate a point-of-sale monitoring programme that detects cashier infractions in real time by submitting video clips and POS data to a central location.

Video Surveillance should be mounted.One of the most important ways to improve security in your store is to instal a video surveillance system. A surveillance system not only provides retailers with the evidence they need to prove fraud, but the mere sight of cameras will discourage   video security system   shoplifters.Retailers can track all areas of their store in real time with a video surveillance device, and receive immediate updates if suspicious activity is detected. Consider positioning surveillance cameras in the following locations in addition to installing them in your store.


Some security system providers have a no-cost, no-obligation security assessment to assist in identifying vulnerabilities and flaws. You may also seek advice from the local police department. Consider forming  alberta security guard license  a coalition with the Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses to request a law enforcement training session. To detect crime trends, share your thoughts and experiences with other local business owners. It is better to be forewarned than to be forearmed.


Make sure your staff have detailed, written security policies in place, and implement them. Create policies that would protect both customers and employees from theft.The following PDF from Retail  security license alberta  Excellence Irelan is a great resource for comprehensive information on security procedures, theft prevention training, and common shoplifting tactics to be aware of. Despite the fact that the document was written for Irish retailers, the material is equally applicable to stores in the United States.


“A good quality surveillance system is one of the biggest weaknesses in small retail security,” said Officer Bret Rodenz of the Waupaca Police Department in Waupaca, Wisconsin. The position of the camera is also crucial. “Ask the local law enforcement department for advice on camera positioning and specific lighting in the areas where the cameras are located if you are installing cameras yourself.” Consider installing a high-quality camera at the store  security training edmonton  entrance if you want to use video to identify a suspect. “Not all customers want to rob when they first walk into the shop, and they don’t think to cover their faces or other distinguishing features.

Maintain visibility in the store by keeping shelving short

Make sure your store is protected by 360° high-resolution video cameras. Video clips used to be grainy, but modern technology provides sharp images that can be used to detect thieves more quickly. In addition, the higher the clarity, the more likely the video would be used in court to convict criminals. Include exterior and parking areas in your coverage.Remember that if the protection device is wired rather than wireless, it may be vulnerable to a break-in where the thief cuts the phone line before entering the store to disable the system.

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