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The duties of a security guard are different as they depend on the task assigned. But the fundamentals remain the same. The job responsibilities of a security guard may vary. For instance, one could be assigned either stationary monitoring or patrolling service. Let’s get dive in to learn more about the duties of a security officer.

Why do we need a Security Guard?

News and media have witnessed thousands of incidents where security guards saved lives. Life has become so unpredictable that having a security guard is critical. But before hiring a security guard, one must have a proper account of the duties and responsibilities of a security guard. Therefore, we have designed a basic template that you can use to hire a security guard for your commercial and residential needs. 

Some critical roles and responsibilities of a security guard are: 

Be visible 

The presence of an authoritative figure on-site deters the criminals. Besides, it eliminates the chances of breaking-in by burglars, shoplifters, and other criminals. Hence the position of a security guard should be obvious and face high exposure areas. 

Be vigilant and alert

First and the most crucial thing that security guards learn during their training is to be attentive all the time. They must have the capability to sense any danger. For example, a security guard in Vancouver saved the store from an equipped shoplifter with his sharp senses.

Observe and report

Observing and reporting are two of the most important job duties of a security guard. A right security guard always keeps observing for any potential dangers. An important part of security guard training is reporting. They observe, note down, and report to authorities and hence provide necessary information to ensure safety.

Spontaneous Action

A spontaneous and quick reaction is the essential part of the duties of a security guard. Most people argue to go with the police, rather than paying to a security guard. The answer is simple yet complete. Rapid action can save the day, and that is only possible with the presence of a security guard. 

Get Help

Finally, a security guard knows better when and how to contact the authorities. At times, he might not be able to take over the situation. For instance, in case of a fierce fire or robbery, or some severe injury etc., Ultimately, in time, assistance helps save lives.

Helping and Guiding guests

A security guard is always a right helping hand, especially when receiving and guiding guests. In fact, some security guards are assigned the task as concierge or guest services. So, they help, guide, and most importantly look for any potential threat. 

Maintain order and adhere to the policy

A security guard is a key figure to maintain law and order in the premises. Furthermore, he/she strictly adheres to the policies by the company or the employer. They are assigned essential tasks, i.e. preventing access or photography in the restricted areas, verifying appointments, or checking the visitors, etc.

Patrolling and monitoring

Patrolling and monitoring is the most important task of the job duties of a security guard. In fact, gate duty guards also patrol and monitor their premises at night alternatively. While patrolling, there is a higher chance of observing things and incidents that may be dangerous. Most importantly, a patrolling security guard gives the residents or workers peace of mind.

Knowledge of the Safety precautions

Proper training is vital to perform security duties efficiently. Security guards are trained by their firm to attain a good knowledge of the security protocols. They have a better idea of precautionary measures to minimize the possibility of any dangerous situation. Hence, a security guard is a must-have to look after the commercial and residential premises.

Perform special duties

A security guard needs to have a command over all the necessary tasks that are part of the routine. For example, a personal security guard performs multiple tasks at a time. For instance, receiving calls as an operator, checking and receiving mails, or simply invigilate co-workers etc. 

Besides performing all these duties, a security guard must be:

  • Firstly. hardworking and flexible
  • Secondly, truly time conscious
  • Thirdly, physically fit
  • Having excellent communication skills at most 
  • Finally having a professional attitude towards the work

What to look for while choosing a Security Guard?

While contacting a security guard agency, it is recommended to provide them with a blueprint of the services what exactly you want. For instance, make a detailed list of the security needs of your premises. Equally important is to ask for a one-on-one interview to know precisely who you are choosing. Here are some of the duties of a security guard, which makes selection easier. These are:

  • Construction Site Security Guard
  • Fire Watch Security Guard
  • Concierge Security Guard
  • Video Monitoring Security Guard
  • Retail Services Security Guard
  • Hospital Security Guard
  • Personal Security Guard
  • Oil and Gas Security etc.

Their duties vary depending upon the area and responsibilities assigned.

Do you need a Security Guard?

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