Security Guards Making Good Arrests

Security Guards Making Good Arrests

Arresting someone is a dangerous procedure. Removing a person’s liberty entails a great deal of duty on the part of the security guard to ensure that the arrest was done legally and safely. Because security guards do not have the same powers as police officers, it is a requirement in that all security guards comprehend the legal powers of arrest.When a security security services companies   guard decides to arrest someone for shoplifting, he or she must ensure that certain evidence is acquired and kept safe during the arrest. The standard key acts for security guards to witness for a valid arrest are listed below.


The security guard observes the person pick and take possession of the stolen item. This is referred to as “finds committing,” and the security guard must see the selection. A security officer cannot make an arrest based on the statements or suggestions of another person.


The perpetrator will usually try to conceal the item on their person or in a carrying device so that they can exit the business without being noticed. By concealing it, the person has indicated that they intend to not pay for the item, and the excuse of forgetting to pay will not hold up well in court.The thing has a monetary value.You can’t steal something that was given to you for free or that was given to you by the owner of the item. This is why it’s crucial to security license edmonton  inquire if the alleged shoplifter had permission to remove the goods. Their response should be written down in your notebook so that you can use it as evidence later.Continue past the point where you made your last purchase.It is still not theft at this point if a suspect has taken an item and hidden it on their person. You must give the individual every chance to pay for the merchandise. This means you’ll have to keep an eye on them until they’ve exhausted all options for paying for the item. I recommend allowing them at least a 5-meter distance from the previous site of purchase.

Keep an eye on things

The most difficult aspect of being a security guard is maintaining continuous surveillance, which binds all of this information together. You’re usually in uniform, and you have to follow the shoplifter through the store without breaking eye contact and without being noticed. This is why the majority of shoplifters get away with their crimes. Maintain eye contact with the offender so you can watch if they drop or pass the item to their pals. You will have a difficult time  video security system  establishing that they were stealing stuff if you arrest them without the item in their possession.As the commander of an emergency response team and a risk management expert for customers all over the world.


Consider hiring a bodyguard for anyone who will be attending your event who is famous. He or she provides specialist personal protection for public figures such as politicians and celebrities.


What about your event’s entrance/exit? You should hire a gatekeeper to ensure that only authorised individuals enter  security guards company  the premises. Concerts, for example, frequently have gatekeepers stationed not only for the general audience entering and exiting the venue, but also near the stage to protect the performers from just anyone roaming around.

Controlling the Crowds

It’s a good idea to hire security guards that specialise in crowd control for outdoor events with a large  private security guard  number of guests and/or alcohol. They should be taught to manage crowds, and that should be their primary goal as they guide traffic and deal with any problems that arise.

Patrols on the Move

If your event takes place over a vast amount of land, consider hiring mobile patrols who can cover a large area using vehicles, bikes, golf carts, or motorcycles, including campers and parking lots. The Return to Normal March. Will things return to normal? Businesses that were previously closed are reopening. The events are repeating themselves. Every day, it feels like the goal posts shift, and we never know what’s going on or what’s coming next, but one security jobs edmonton  thing is certain: masks are everywhere. You can’t go out in public without running into them– even at the beach. Security personnel are in charge of ensuring that everyone is wearing their masks. What happens when they aren’t? Because they don’t want to be told to put on a mask, people might get fairly vociferous and even aggressive. Security guards are the men and women tasked with dealing with those who refuse to follow the rules.

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