Proven Benefits of Hiring a Concierge Security Service

Concierge Security Service

Safety and security is the requirement for almost all commercial and residential sectors; however, finding the right partner to fulfill your premise Concierge Security Service needs is a daunting task.

A reliable concierge security system is important for high-rise residential and commercial buildings for encrypted security. Being a public place for living and visiting these requires the best concierge security service to avoid any incident that can cause lasting mutilation to reputation and trust issues.

Most of the buildings can be catered to with security guards for the exterior and inner security concerns. However, a concierge security guard is fully trained to fill in the gap between security needs and customer service. Hiring a security guard simply needs you to support your security needs with CCTV camera surveillance which adds up to your security costs.  Providentially, the right concierge security service can improve your security and its costs. Indeed, a personalized combination of contemporary training, technology, and remote guarding to get reduced security concerns and costs compared to on-site concierge security officers.

What is Concierge Security?

The Concierge Security Service makes an appealing appearance to welcome employees and visitors. It requires following the protocols of the building and business administrators. Intrinsically, it’s a contracted representation for your business. Businesses require a skilled concierge on an ongoing basis. The concierge security guard’s duties include staff-fill service to substitute a receptionist or other worker on vacation.

Who is a Concierge Security Officer?

As a concierge security officer performs the combined roles of receptionist and security officer. This needs a proficient understanding of communication with a commitment to fineness in presentation and an improved level of situational awareness; Guard24 offers you the best concierge security service in Edmonton and allied regions for an elevated reputation.

When you are considering hiring a concierge security service, you need to know what, why, and when it is required.  As concierge security is all about quality with a focus on customer interaction; unlike parking facility or mobile patrol in case of usual security services.  A concierge security officer needs to be presentable, well-mannered, and well-trained. They must be aware of the specific policies and plans of particular buildings. The concierge security guard needs to know the names and faces of persons who live and work in that particular building. Involving in polite small conversations with building inhabitants or office staff for front desk management.

Difference between Concierge Security vs Security Guard

An intense and firm look of the security guard at the entrance may be uncomfortable to many as they assume the building is not safe to live in. Feelings and instincts are very important and most of the time made with the first impressions. Security guards are always considered armed personnel to deal with crime. Whereas, a security concierge is dissimilar and has presentable attire to receive guests and make them comfortable as a front-of-house. Guests and staff know that the concierge security officer is there with the responsibility of making a building run efficiently unlike security guards hired to deter crime.

A concierge security officer has a key role in building security by constantly monitoring risks. Making guests and employees safety & comfort assurance. A friendly security concierge for your business makes it successful.

Hire Concierge Security Service

Benefits of Hiring a Concierge Security Service

Businesses can need a concierge security service for as many reasons to accommodate the customers and visitors of the buildings whether an apartment or corporate. Here is a list of the key benefits:

  • Improved Security

A number of people enter and leave your business building or corporate office each day. The concierge security officer can keep up a logbook of visitors. They can also reserve if employees have their permits on them.

The concierge security guards can even pay attention to any work property team walking out the door and assure an official sign-in and sign-out process. Above all, they make sure that nobody unwelcome guests as this is a serious threat to your building or business.

Other concierge security services include foot patrols of your building, checkups of the parking lot, and observing security cameras.

  • Building Administration & Management

Are you fed up with the annoyed staff supervising tradesmen or signing for packages? Concierge security officers take up a real responsibility to manage all kinds of building management.

The concierge Security Guard Services Edmonton can follow the protocols set for receiving and distributing mail & packages. Through this, you can evade missing essential packages, or having dumped or lost parcels. They can even receive complaints on repair issues, and manage the tradesmen approaching to fix them.

  • Worker Safety

Workers often spend more time in the building office than in their homes every week. A concierge security officer makes sure they feel safe and a friendly concierge helps them enter and leave. They can help them feel certain your business upkeeps about their safety.

They can remain stress-free about leaving their vehicles in the staff parking lot. A concierge security service knows it’s being watched under their professional services.

  • Welcoming Visitors Professionally

First impressions are the last one and it really counts in the case of your business. With so many options around businesses need to give a very long-lasting impression for a successful attire. When potential customers visit your business make it certain that they receive guest passes and are directed in a proficient way. A concierge security officer can make sure this occurs with an efficient sign-in process. They follow clear guidelines on which elevator to take to the meeting room. Certain concierge security officers take a small part in the recruitment process. They report back to managers on how well-mannered job applicants were as they joined for their interview. Underlines the value-add of a constant concierge. Concierge security guard not only safeguards the business work with you on whatever facet of the building.

  • Financial Reimbursements

Concierge security helps to manage a property for one or more business renters and increases by 10% occupancy and 20% boost for retention of business leases. A concierge security service charges a premium rate for better facilities.

  • Advanced Technology

Cameras are the technical backbone of all modern security systems, but conventional CCTV solutions intemperance much to be desired. As this requires security guards to keep their eyes on screens, or security staff to review the recorded footage. This creates a panic situation for preventing crime in real-time, mainly when a minor staff is in charge of a big, multilevel property. An excellent concierge security service will address these issues by combining cameras with modern analytics software. Employing artificial intelligence and deep-learning algorithms for streaming CCTV footage can be employed to spontaneously detect abnormalities and issue alerts.

Remote concierge services are an alternative to full-time security staff to lessen a major expense. Trained concierge security personnel monitoring your building to achieve improved security without the accountabilities of on-site workers. One security guard costs an average of $35 per hour to building owners which can be easily replaced with concierge security with the same costs but multiple functions.

best Concierge Security Service
  • Professional Behavior

Due to thrifts, outsourcing access control and other concierge security tasks is the most lucrative route for businesses. As this doesn’t only include keeping an eye on your property but also making it presentable. A concierge security service should maintain a proficient, well-trained staff to handle all kinds of professionals.

What’s more, these concierge professionals should be ready and eager to train whatever security staffs are on-site. From admittance policies to interruption response, the only way to strengthen security and lessen response times is to offer step-by-step processes that make certain everyone remains on the same platform.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Finally, your concierge security service provider should be able to prove their expertise with a group of success stories. In terms of customer reviews related to quantitative ROI, implementation specifics, and perfect connections between customers’ challenges, planned solutions and desired outcomes.

Guard24 is a Canadian-based Security Company Edmonton offering commercial and residential security solutions with professional services. Our concierge security services provided expert staff with an attitude to perform for your business growth. Get the quote for the best-priced service in the region. We are offering our services in Edmonton, Alberta Wide, Airdrie, Fort Mcmurray, and allied regions for a superior experience.

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