Oil and Gas Security in Edmonton- A complete Review [2020]

Oil and Gas Security in Edmonton

Oil and gas security is a source of livelihood for thousands of Canadians. Canada, especially Alberta, is famous for its Oil Patch, for instance, the oil and gas sector. It is the fourth-largest oil producer and exporter in the world. The oil and gas industry faces a risk higher than any other industry. Ultimately, it becomes absolutely essential to safeguard oil and gas pipelines.

First of all, specialized security services like oil and gas security guards and oil rig security are critical. In addition, oil and gas cybersecurity is equally essential.

Oil and Gas Security Services

These industry needs foolproof security services as they are vulnerable to criminals all the time. As they are situated in a deserted area, so security is a must-have. Not only these industries face the risk of theft and fire but also terrorism. Different types of security guard services need to be employed on these sites. The primary security types are:

On-site and short-term security guards

The campsite is a high profile area. Therefore, on-site security guards are essential for a safe oil or gas industry. Highly trained security guards having a military background should be preferred for the duty. The reason is that they can detect and tackle security threats with their expertise.

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrol security is truly a cost-effective security option for oil and gas security. A 24/7 patrolling service can be beneficial. No doubt it can quickly respond and provide help in situations like:

  • Alarm/emergency situation
  • Patrol Security
  • Inside/ outside inspections
  • Location-specific patrols
  • Parking lot security
  • Security of the premises

Alarm Monitoring and integrated security systems

Alarm monitoring is the most efficient system that entrepreneurs employ in their oil and gas security. These systems are vital for a smooth-running security process. Mostly oil patch hire:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • fire alarms
  • CCTV
  • Video monitoring
  • Access control
  • Security lighting
  • And many other systems

These systems integrate to form a security system that never fails. Security guard services help to run these systems seamlessly and guarantee peace of mind.

Fire Watch Security

Oil and gas security protocols need a sophisticated fire watch security. These industries cannot afford a fire incident as a single incident can cause a loss of millions of dollars. More importantly, the safety of employees is the first concern of the owners. A single unfortunate mistake can lead to a total collapse of the company. They monitor the area and look for smoke or fire as well as check explosive chemicals and equipment. Therefore, an expert fire watch team is the need of the area.

First Aid and Medical services

Of course, a medical team is the most critical factor in oil and gas security. You may never want to risk your employees’ life due to delayed medical assistance. Accidents are not planned; they happen, unfortunately. But proper planning and a security alternative can save lives. Therefore, a medical team is highly recommended in the oil and gas industries. It creates a sense of safety and a sound work environment.

Benefits of Oil and Gas Security

The first and foremost advantage of oil sector security is the protection of your assets. Not only the owner but also the staff get true satisfaction with their safety. Secondly, it kicks out the risk of harmful fire accidents. Thirdly dangers of theft, burglary, and terrorism are eliminated by hiring a reliable security company. Fourth it eradicates unemployment giving the talented security guards a chance to prove themselves. Lastly, it maintains and even enhances the company’s reputation.

In addition to all these benefits, a security guard service helps handle the crowd and parking management. The security head also monitors the loading and supply of valuable products. Therefore, a proper security set-up is a key behind a successful business in the oil and gas industry.

Best Oil and Gas Security Company in Edmonton

Guard 24 is truly the best security guard company in Edmonton. We have 5 years’ experience in oil and gas security in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. The best thing about us is indeed our company is an all in one solution to all your security needs. Moreover, we provide all the services from bodyguards for hire to fire watch or video monitoring.

Guard 24 provides the best guard security services in Edmonton City. Besides, oil and gas security, there are some other services we provide:

  • Edmonton Security Services
  • Edmonton Security Guards
  • Calgary Security Services
  • Bodyguards for Hire
  • The Best Home Security
  • Calgary Airport Security
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Commercial Security Systems specifically retail security services
  • All other types of Elite Security Services

To sum up, oil and gas industries needs proper protocols, and only an experienced security guard company can handle that. Therefore, you need to be more conscious while choosing a security guard service in Edmonton or any other area. In brief, trust the professionals for the security you want.

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