Construction site security mistakes to avoid- A Quick Guide

Benefits Of Installing the CCTV

Construction sites are highly valuable but vulnerable work areas. These are the easiest and favorite targets for the criminal minded persons. Theft, vandalism, fires, and arson are the major threats to a security site. Therefore, the site security in construction is the need of the hour. Here are some lethal construction site security mistakes that you must avoid. Let’s dive in:

Not having secured entrances

A secured entrance is very important and one of the most observed Construction site security mistakes as it knocks out almost all the risks. Having no secured entrance can be welcoming to unrelated persons. For instance, the last thing you may ever want to hear about is injury at your construction site. 

In fact, it spoils the PR of both the construction company as well as the owner. To avoid this risk a proper boundary with limited entrance permission is critical. First of all, you have to make a boundary wall or proper fencing. In addition, there must be a security guard at the gate to limit public access.

Poor or No Fire Safety

Learning about the fire at your construction site is the worst nightmare. Fire accidents at the construction site can be accidental as well as deliberate (Arson). Arson accounts for more than 40% of the total accidents at the construction site.

Thus, having poor or no fire safety can be very dangerous. To overcome this one of worst Construction site security mistakes , you must employ an efficient fire safety system at your site. For example, a fire alarm security system can be a life savor in that situation. There must be an availability of fire extinguishers and a fire watch security guard. Not only it gives us security but a true peace of mind.

Neglecting the potential for water damage

One of the important construction site security mistakes is neglecting the potential for water damage. To illustrate, water leakage from pipelines or a weather event can be dangerous for the construction project. Therefore, a water damage prevention plan is the most important step to prevent such an unfortunate damage.

There is a proper system of temporary wiring and lighting at the construction site. In spite of all the quick efforts, water can still cause damage to the wiring. Subsequently, the situation can be risky to the worker’s life. Therefore, proper planning should be made to access the water issues on construction sites.

Installing Security Systems that you don’t understand

One of the most common construction site security mistakes is installing a system that you don’t understand. It will truly be a waste of time as well as money. In turn it can also be risky to the site security. Ultimately, you need to hire a trained security guard to operate the systems.

However, it doesn’t mean to spend lot’s of money on a number of field specialists in security. You need to invest wisely here. A trained security guard having a great experience in construction site security is the best solution. Search for the best security guard agency near me and ask them for a custom security service.  

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