Fire Watch when welding

Fire Watch when welding

When a fire occurs, the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code  and the National Fire Protection Association require a “fire watch” to be implemented under certain circumstances.The fire suppression or fire alarm system is malfunctioning or has been compromised. It is necessary private security guard  to notify.When a fire suppression or fire alarm system fails, the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS) is notified.To assess if a fire watch is necessary, check to see if the equipment is out of service, in need of repair, or otherwise unusable.


All university-owned buildings, as well as Mason personnel and contractors, are covered under this guide.For system outages and impairments, fire watch needs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the severity of the disruption, the building’s function, and the number of people affected.Expected number of inhabitants, as well as the duration of the disruption. When a fire is reported,EHS Fire Safety Programs personnel are in charge of fire suppression and fire alarm outages.assessing whether or not a fire watch is necessary.


During any scheduled fire alarm or fire suppression system test, maintenance, or repair that EHS conducts or coordinates, EHS is responsible for keeping a fire watch. Facilities Project Managers, Facilities Inspectors, or Facilities Management Personnel are all examples of people who  security guards company   work in the facilities management field.Housing and Residence Life, Student Centers, Intercollegiate Athletics, and other departments are in charge.for creating a fire watch for the structures they supervise in the event that a system fails or a fire occurs.It is important to perform maintenance and/or repairs. These organisations are in charge of ensuring that the.The methods provided in this document are followed when conducting a fire watch.


The assignment of a qualified person or persons with the express purpose of notifying the fire department, the building occupants, or both of an emergency,” according to the definition  video security system of a fire watch.preventing a fire; extinguishing small flames; or protecting the public from fire or explosion

• If there is a fire in the building, notify the tenants.

• Call the University to request an emergency response.

• If fire prevention systems are available and operable, activate them in order to open the door.


Primary Fire and Hole Watching Responsibilities.Personnel on fire watch or hole watch have the primary responsibility of sounding the alarm in the event of an emergency. Although the fire watch is responsible for looking for sparks after a welder or burner has finished cutting or welding metal, their primary responsibility is to sound the alarm so that  security jobs edmonton firefighters can respond. Hole watchers aren’t intended to try to enter the confined hole to perform a rescue; instead, they’re supposed to sound the alarm so that rescuers can respond.

Jobs as a Fire Watcher

Firefighters keep an eye on locations where hot work has taken place, such as welding or torch cutting. Welding and cutting both produce sparks and molten metal fragments.

Jobs as a Hole Watcher

Hole watch is a type of restricted space labour that involves working inside storage tanks or in tight spaces between two bulkheads. The hole watch team member keeps in touch with the personnel in the confined location, or hole. In the event of an emergency, the worker on duty  video security system  maintains situational awareness and raises the emergency alert. If weather conditions worsen and pose a threat, the worker on hole watch can alert workers in the hole and aid them in exiting the tight location.

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