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Gated community security

7 Gated Community Security Mistakes to Avoid

Security is the most important thing for any community. Gated communities are growing more and more popular due to the utmost security they provide. The thing that attracts almost everyone is the restricted permission only to the residents and verified guests. It gives peace of mind to the gated community members. People tend to be […]
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school security guard- Edmonton

Role Of A School Security Guard

A school is a place where students spend their most time. Although in school, the main concern of students is with teachers. But other staff also has to deal a lot with students. Among other staff members, the school security guard has a great role. A school security guard is one that has to protect […]
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Security Guard

How Can Security Guards Solve 5 Problems for you?

A dignified security guard is a must-have for any system to run smoothly. Whether you hire one for personal reasons or commercial safety, the duties remain the same. Obviously, they are called “Life saviors” for a reason. For instance, You might have heard about hundreds of incidents where security guards saved lives or businesses. Here […]
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CCTV cameras at homes

Practical Benefits Of Installing the CCTV Cameras At Homes

There was a time when people considered video surveillance for homes expensive as well as unnecessary. However, in the last decade, trends have changed dramatically. You may never expect circumstances to be the same as 10 years ago. The same is the case with installing CCTV cameras at homes. Their use has become invaluable and […]
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Hospital Security Service

Tips for choosing the right Hospital Security Service

The right hospital security service guarantees a worthy reputation for your hospital. First of all, hospitals are high profile work areas. These are specifically sensitive to violent attacks, theft, and infant abduction, etc. Therefore, they need a foolproof security system.  An industry has unique security requirements. The need for a security guard in the hospitals […]
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the duties of a security guard

The Duties Of A Security Guard- A Basic Template

The duties of a security guard are different as they depend on the task assigned. But the fundamentals remain the same. The job responsibilities of a security guard may vary. For instance, one could be assigned either stationary monitoring or patrolling service. Let’s get dive in to learn more about the duties of a security officer. […]