Benefits of Hiring a Security Company for Oil and Gas Pipeline

Natural gas and oil are the main industries of a country in the energy market. They plays a significant role in the overall economy as the world’s major fuel source. The process and the system involved in the making and distributing of gas and oil are capital-intense, complex, and need state-of-the-art technology. A failure in any security measures can lead to disruption and havoc, which can have a shocking impact on the economy of a country. The nation will have to pay the cost in terms of dollars, ecological damages, and risk several lives. Therefore, protecting the oil and gas energy cycle, from extracting and exploration to transportation and refining is the vital priority of a nation and it should not be neglected at any cost.

Security Challenges faced by the oil and gas company:

Security Company challenges are numerous and frightening, including handling with dangerous assets, workplace safety, and safeguarding a bulk number of amenities located in harsh and remote environments. Besides, they frequently face the threat of sabotage and terrorism and to ensure COVID-19 shielding measures.

To battle vulnerability to rising security threats in the oil and gas sector, it is dire to get benefited from the Oil and gas security companies. In the start the process of adoption was slow but with time the awareness of oil and gas security has pushed the companies to invest in oil and gas pipeline security.

According to the report of Mordor Intelligence, the Oil and Gas Pipeline Security market in 2020 was valued at 26.34 billion USD and is expected to touch 34.59 billion USD by 2026. The growth rate is forecasted almost 4.65 % in the period of 6 years.

 oil and gas company

Listed below are the security challenges normally faced by the oil and gas company:

  • Piracy

Oil and Piracy war are two separate things they should not be considered the same although they both are petroleum based. Piracy also known as petrol piracy or oil piracy is an illegal act of taking oil from a vessel after the hijacking. Piracy is executed sometimes with the help of motership.

  • Civil protest

An increase in oil and gas price can led to the civil protest. Civil protest is of two types one is peaceful in which the civilians of the country peacefully demand the state to lower the energy price. Whereas on the other hand, some protests are harmful in this case civilians destroy the public building to show anger at the increasing price of gas and oil.

  • Terrorism:

Gangs and anti-state agents sometimes work together and do terrorist attacks on the energy sector such as gas and oil companies. The main purpose of terrorists is to threaten new investors and businesses in the company and create financial crises.

  • Internal sabotage

If a maintenance mechanic or a knowledgeable operator decided to perform an act of sabotage he will create a threatening situation. In one energy plant, for instance, the employees go on strike. They left the control room by switching valve loops in the reverse which can cause a huge loss within minutes. Therefore the security should be tight enough that no worker can dare to do this act of internal sabotage

  • Vandalism:

It is an act of boring into the pipelines of gas and oil to steal it. The factor that supports vandalism includes a lack of security, a weak legal system, poor governance, and environmental degradation. To avoid this act one must tighten the security and heir professionals.

  • Insurgency:
  • Inter-state hostilities:

Interstate hostility is a fight over energy resources between the two states of a country. One owns the energy resource whereas the other state plan to take over the energy resource by proper planning and attacking. Although these types of attacks are not very common still there is a need to safeguard energy resources.

  • Organized crime:

Attacking and getting a hold of any energy company is not an easy task. Criminals and terrorists make proper plans before the attack.

  • Political risk:
  • Safety Risks:

Gas and oil extraction is not an easy task it sometimes can be risky. The extraction process involves long hours, challenging working conditions, and complex technology which on disruption can cause serious damage to nearby people. So it is required that companies must follow robust safety monitoring and management processes.

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company:

They have trained and highly professional security personnel who helps to protect oil and gas pipeline companies. The cost of a Security Company is far less than the loss that destroys not only the company but also has a deeply negative impact on the economy of the country. The company benefits the oil and gas sector in several ways:

Protect Piracy:

Piracy is among the world’s most oldest and haunting professions. It seems to be increasing with time. Rockford, the director of Tufts University’s Fletcher School stated in an interview in November 2020 that “Piracy attacks on crude oil tankers in the Gulf of Guinea, Malacca and Horn of Africa Strait over last 20 years,”

The professionals at security companies offer special services of security guards to protect reservoirs and gas and oil pipelines from piracy. Usually, criminals and anti-state agents go to such sites. If they get successful in a piracy attack they may demand the state a lump sum amount or ask for something else that might not be beneficial for the state like freeing any leader of terrorists etc.  The piracy of gas and oil is damaging to any nation’s economy.

Guard Terrorist attacks:

Apart from piracy, terrorists are also a threat to oil and gas sites, reservoirs, and pipelines.  Terrorists aim to threaten investors and the business sector and create financial crises in the nation. The professionals hired by the Security Company Edmonton can tackle such criminal attacks on time and often successfully prevent them.

Safeguarding energy from terrorists such as gas and oil was challenging in the past, is still in present, and will also be in the future. Therefore to protect one must hire a professional. According to the report of Global Terrorism and the US National Counterterrorism Center database several vicious non-state groups’ attacks were on energy infrastructure as well as the employees of the sector.

Reports show that the terrorist attacks on energy sectors seem to be increasing with time in 2003 the terrorist attack on the energy sector was 25% which has jumped to % 30 with time.

Safeguard organized crime:

Different groups in society can unite and plan a crime by attracting gas and oil facility. In presence of a highly professional security guard, the security company can take impromptu action against the criminals and can involve the police department if required. The action of the security guard depends upon the level of threat, the number of criminals, and the demand of the situation.

Handling civil protest:

Another threat to the gas and oil facilities is a situation like a civil protest. Normally, an increase in the price in the energy sector leads to civil protests. These situations are tricky because the protestors are not any kind of criminals. These situations are handled with delicacy. Security guards hired by the security company cannot take any legal against the protestors if they are calm and peaceful but if they harm any belonging of the company then guards are allowed to take action according to the law or take help from the police to calm down the situation.

The reports show the increasing number of protest over the rise in the price of gas and oil globally.

Handling civil protest

Controlling Inter-state hostile situations:

Another threat faced by the oil and gas sector is the hostility and crises between the states of a country. For instance, one state has an oil and gas facility, and another entirely depends on it. There are chances that the people of dependent states attack the energy to take charge.

The security guard’s job is to stay alert during the job time no matter whether it’s day or night stay alert 365 days a year. There is no relaxation time during duty hours. Some threats are predictable and the guards have time to plan action against such situations. But still, if there is a sudden attack only professionals trained by the security company can tackle the situation. Terrorists usually keep the plans secret and leave no clue before the attack. The main aim of the terrorist is to handle the security team. If they are successful in knocking them then they can do whatever they want with the company.

Up-to-date Surveillance Technologies & Security Systems Operations:

Security of the energy resources is the main concern of any nation. To keep the company security, check on point installation of the latest surveillance at all the main points is vital. These cameras help in maintain a healthy secured environment inside as well as outside the company. These security cameras discourage terrorists and criminals to attack.

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