4 Things You Need to Know Hospital Security Guard Services

Hospital Security Guard Services

In the healthcare sector, patient safety is of great significance. Security guarding services at hospitals and healthcare units offer the safety of patients, staff, and visitors. Hospital Security Guard Services and facilities ensure to tackle the critical concerns of keeping patients safe and keeping a secure environment for all. There are over 6,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities in Edmonton, Canada. The healthcare industry spends billions of dollars annually. If you are looking for a hospital security guard service that has all the new set of security tools and mechanisms to combat the challenges to the hospital industry. Guard24 offers security guarding services with firm guards which makes a lot of sense including regulation and healthcare-specific security services. We are among the most trusted names in hospital security guard services serving and combating the unique and complex issues in hospital security management.

4 Key Areas to Deal with Hospital Security Guard Services

  1. Grasp the Significance of Physical Security within Healthcare Settings

It’s imperative to understand the role of security guards that they will play within a healthcare facility before pursuing your contract with the healthcare security guard services company. Security guard companies in Edmonton collaborate closely with potential customers to outline the security systems they visualize for the facility. Security guarding services align every aspect of your hospital services; be it mobile patrols, incident management, or instant response strategies. These security services contribute to the core mission and values of the healthcare organization. Consider the hospital security guard services like Guard24 that offer as a tailored business function precise to the needs of healthcare entities. The security company during your initial engagements with prospective healthcare customers must inquire about their specific security conditions to ascertain how your security guarding services can align with their expectations and capacity requirements.

Psychological Measures versus Physical Measures

Hospital security guard services should offer a distinction between psychological and physical safety measures with security patrols. Psychological protections encompass elements such as signage indicating CCTV Video Monitoring or positioning security camera monitors evidently for visitors to act as a deterrent. Guard24 emphasizes the efficacy of video monitors as one of the strongest psychological security measures in hospital security. Security guarding services attribute this to the usual draw of people’s attention towards video feeds. Conversely, physical measures by Hospital Security Guard Services consist of tangible security components like surveillance cameras, security officers, and lighting. Fundamentally, any tangible measure actively backing to contain and prevent security threats falls under the type of physical safety measure.

Remarkably, there are occurrences where psychological and physical security measures overlap. Thus, a security officer with the primary role of responding to incidents with their mere presence. It can deter potential threats from acting. Once devising security strategies for a hospital facility, it is suitable to create collaboration between psychological and physical security guarding services. By maximizing the overlap between these measures, one can enhance the efficiency and usefulness of the overall security system.

Performing Security Mobile Patrols in Healthcare Facilities

Conducting effective mobile patrols within any property needs adherence to specific guidelines. Mobile Security Guarding Services act for success by utilizing guard tour software, organizing checkpoint placement, and executing a comprehensive reporting system.
Hospital security guard services work on these pivotal areas that demand unique consideration before interacting with a prospective hospital customer:

• Inpatient Facilities: These areas witness frequent interaction among visitors, patients, and staff. Security guarding services inquire about the layout and traffic flow in respective areas, especially those contributing high-risk services.
• Emergency Departments: Maintaining a calm environment is crucial amid the chaos and sensitive emotions. Balancing instruction with quick access for the right individuals is important in this 24/7 zone, which incorporates ambulatory and non-ambulatory operations.
• Pharmacies: The storage of drugs, narcotics, and controlled ingredients heightens the risk of theft. Employing robust physical Security Guard Services and specialized guard training in these areas is imperative.
• Behavioral & Mental Health Areas: The raised risk of violence due to patient conditions requires a specialized security response that potentially includes distinct uniforms.
• Cash Handling Areas: High vulnerability to theft both internally and externally, demands strict protocols for money collection, storage, and transportation.

Infant/Pediatric Accommodations:

Recognizing the susceptibility of infants and pediatric patients, hospital security guard services should incorporate preventive systems against infant abduction. A comprehensive risk mitigation plan that encompasses video surveillance, access control, staff training, and instant response protocols is critical.
• Protection of Health Information: Protection of confidential patient data is paramount. Security patrols must guarantee physical and digital protection of this information with emphasized training and patrol strategies.
Mechanical/Infrastructure Spaces: Hospital security guard services also help in the maintenance of lighting, heating, and electrical systems significantly impacting patient safety and requiring constant attention.
Biological Radiation Areas: Hazards related to stored materials in such areas pose substantial health risks if exploited. Understanding the management procedures and specific needs for dangerous material areas is crucial for real security patrols.
Security guarding services can tailor their strategies and patrols to mitigate risks effectively by focusing on these key areas specific to healthcare facilities. Thus, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of patients and staff alike.

Addressing Patient Violence to Secure Healthcare Professionals

Violence prompted by patients is a deliberate issue within healthcare settings. A recent survey revealed alarming statistics showing about 70% of emergency nurses reported being exposed to physical hits or kicks during duty hours while 47% of emergency physicians self-proclaimed experiencing assaults. Hospital security guard services companies aiming to serve this sector must prioritize this aspect in their security strategy. Moreover, identifying that verbal and physical intervention forms the basis of a healthcare security officer’s accountabilities is essential.

Security guarding services must be engaged with potential healthcare customers to inquire about their current violence prevention and response protocols and demonstrate thorough preparation.
Guard24 is an Edmonton-based company offering hospital security services offering assistance to establish and fortify these measures that can position the hospital as a reliable and trusted partner. Get a quotation for all the specific requirements for your hospital premises.


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