10 Common Traits of a Retail Security Guard

Retail Security Guards

You must have heard about the word “Retail Business”, but some of us are unaware of the fact that how it is serving our society’s needs. Looking at the demand manufacturers produces good, but it’s almost impossible for every person to go directly to the manufacturer and shop for the things they want. Retailers are linking parties who make easy access to the goods produced by the manufacturer. Simply, retail businesses or traders vend goods and services right to the consumers for consumption and Retail Security Guard. Goods are directly consumed by the customers it’s not for resale purposes.

Retail stores are an essential chunk servicing the linked society. They play a vital role to expand the reach of manufacturers. The retailer provides the consumers with an expedient environment where they have the freedom in comparing the same product manufactured by different companies and select the best quality suiting their range. Whereas on the other hand in the absenteeism of retail stores, there is no option left for the customer other than buying directly from the manufacturer; no comparison in quality or price just buying the required product. Otherwise, they have to visit multiple manufacturers.

Retail stores attain a vital role in society, to make your retail store attract more customers you require to have a retail security guard along with a vast range of variety for the customers. The presence of retail security outside the outlet portrays professionalism. To get professional retail security services all you need is to have a contract with the best retail security company. The retail security company provides a retail security officer along with a retail security system that makes you, your store, your employees, and your customers safe. Listed below are the traits of a Retail Security Guard that benefit your store:

Traits of Retail Security Guards That Benefit Your Store:

  • Highly skilled:

Retail security guards are highly professional and skilled security guards trained to cater to the needs of retail stores. The main objective of a retail security guard is to keenly observe the security needs of the retail outlet and deliver his 100% to provide safety to the premises of the outlet and its customers and employees. They are well aware of their duties and don’t ignore them. Their skills are their main equipment with the help of which they make the store excel in security aspects.

  • Guard crime:

Security guard appointed for any purpose owns the duty to provide safety to its surrounding. They keenly observe all the activities going on around them and threaten the criminals with their professional presence. They closely observe all entering and exit points of customers and prevent them from stealing anything from the stores. They not only guard the retail store but also its parking lot. They make sure cars are handled to their owner and our safe from any kind of vandalism and theft.

Retail Security Guard crime
  • Handling of customers:

Unlike other traditional guards, retail security guards own the ability to handle huge volumes of people efficiently and quickly. Every hour group of customers will enter and exit the store. These retail security guards are trained to use their verdict to predict the risk posed by them. Without experience and training, they can’t handle them.

  • Healthy customer relationship:

Along with handling the large crowd of people, healthy customer relationship is also required. Professional retail security companies trained their guards to build healthy relationships with customers. Guards are a part of the store and their friendly behaviors will encourage the customers to visit the store again and in case of any misunderstanding, a healthy customer relationship will cover it. For example, if the guard doubts the intentions of any customer, he will enquire customer and in case the guard’s doubt were baseless customer won’t mind if the way of inquiry is polite and friendly.

  • Portray professionalism:

Army uniformed guards are a mark of professionalism. Customers nowadays prefer professionals in all aspects of life. They will love to visit the store and will feel safe roaming around in the store. If two stores are working side by side in the same lane the customers will rush to the store having professional security present outside. Uniformed guards portray the feeling of safety and security and are the best way to groom the image of the store.

  • Ensure safe cash movement:

Retail stores working at any scale deal in heavy amounts of cash. Although now a day’s people prefer online payment still cash payments are not fully extinct. At the end of the day, all cash needs to be delivered to any secure place such as a bank. The retail security guards make sure all cash movements are done in a fully secure environment without any mishaps. They keenly observe the surrounding before the arrival of the mobile bank and assist the store manager in handling the cash for them. They make sure all suspicious people are away at the time of cash movement.

  • Operating CCTV cameras:

Retail Security Company Edmonton provides CCTV cameras option with the guard. These CCTV cameras are installed at various points of entry, exit, and parking lots. These cameras assist the retail security guards in providing foolproof security. The guards hired by the retail security companies know all the basic knowledge of CCTV cameras and in case of any interruption in cameras, they immediately report to the concerned department for fixation.

  • Investigating disturbance:

Retail security guards are appointed at various entry and exit points of a retail store but they are well aware of situations inside the store. In case they feel any disturbance inside the store, will make them alert and they will immediately investigate the disturbance. If any criminal or thief is present inside the store they will technically handle them and in case they require any help from the law they will call the police for help. If they catch them without any help they will handle them to the law for investigation

  • Dealing with emergencies:

Possibilities of emergencies are always present there. Emergencies always come without any notification like sudden fire breakout or water leakage. The retail security officer knows how to handle emergencies and keep everyone safe from any damage. They are well aware of the use of fire extinguishers and other emergency handling equipment. If they feel the situation is out of control they may call the fire department for help. The presence of a guard makes fire loss claims easy for insurance companies as they have detailed knowledge of what happened and how it happen.

Emergencies Retail Security Guard
  • Circulate among visitors:

Security guards are for the safety of the public and the store’s belonging but sometimes the store is looted by its customers or employees in the absence of any spy eyes. The retail security guard constantly circulates among the visitors and the employees to keep security checks on point. The act of circulation will deter customers and employees to damage the store stock.


Retail stores play an essential role in serving the public. For the successful operation of a retail store, it’s vital to keep the variety inside the store and for a further professional look, it should be looked after by a retail security officer. Retail security officers enhance security, and customers and employees sense the feeling of safety and security with their presence. These retail Security Guard Services are appointed by retail Security Companies where they are further polished by specialized retail security training. Appoint a guard from well know security company to get the full benefits of retail security.

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