Why Do You Need COVID-19 Security Guard Services?

Covid-19 Security Guard Services

Security protection services have been more critical than ever before amidst the current pandemic. Though a marked increase in unemployment across the globe, some business sectors have seen an enormous spike in demand. So is the case with the Security guard, Edmonton agencies.

Highly reputable firms in the USA and Canada are hiring new workers to combat the COVID-19 situation. Edmonton Security guards have been experiencing a marked increase in work hours. Although crime rates have dropped around the world, business-related burglaries have risen.

Attempts to break in or break-ins to the stores and stolen items have cost hundreds of dollars to the owners. Reports highlight more than 50% increase in burglaries of commercial establishments make the COVID-19 Security Guard Services more important.

The only way to execute a safe and secure business these days is to contact the best security firm to get COVID-19 Security Guard Services. Security guards are the baseline for a confident business.

Justifications that help you decide.

Here are some simple justifications that emphasize on COVID-19 Security Guard Services’ Importance.

Ensuring social distancing

The government has imposed some health care policies for public safety. In hot spot areas, it becomes necessary to enforce social distancing. Secondly, temperature checks are also an important task.

Hospitals and commercial stores are mainly at the highest risk and these locations need abrupt ad responsive COVID-19 Security Guard Services. A dedicated and trained security guard can perform this duty efficiently. Not only he checks the temperature of all the persons entering, but he also maintains discipline. Managing store line-ups is their utmost duty in the pandemic.

Business Continuity

Persons in business know very well about the difficulties of continuing their business at this difficult time. Stores are allowed to open in a specific time, and that becomes very difficult for the staff to manage the crowd.

A qualified security guard manages this all. The outcome is better efficiency of the business, better service to the individual customer. The most important thing is that it saves the time of both the customer and the staff.

Break-ins and theft control

Break-ins, vandalism, shoplifting, and property damage are the most significant risk factors in certain hotspot areas. These factors not only cause economic loss to the owner but also a marked ill effect on reputation.

Commercial security is highly crucial amidst COVID-19. Lockdown never means to affect the business. The professional special COVID-19 Security Guard Services is the best solution for the problem. Risk of vandalism and theft get eliminated by hiring the right agency.

School Security

Non-commercial places such as schools and other venues also need high COVID-19 security guard services. All the Schools across the globe are closed due to Corona. But security is still required to protect the property and premises.

Security hours in this sector have decreased, but still, watch out at night is critical.

Shifting operations

Security guards are at the highest risk in the current scenario. Security guard agencies have taken a significant step for their frontline heroes. Guard operations now shift from outdoor to indoor. In that way, they can guard their assigned area via digital monitoring.

The reason behind this shift operation is the security of their worthy guards. Digitally they can safeguard even better where presence in person is not essential.

Redeployment is the new norm these days

Redeployment is the need of time. It is a term we use when we assign our security officers a new area or task. It’s a new norm these days. Guards are performing their duties everywhere. They are even performing tasks that they were not supposed to do once.

From checking the temperature, line management, and crowd control to distributing ration, they are doing an outstanding job.

Guard 24 Security Services

Our COVID-19 Security Guard Services

Guard 24 Security firm is the best security providing firm in Edmonton and Calgary. We provide the following special services amid the pandemic:

  • Healthcare Security Services
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  • Store security Services
  • Construction Security Services
  • Concierge Security Services
  • Event Security Services
  • The best home security Services

All sorts of personal security.

We are the best security service as we provide:

  • Security guards Edmonton
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We are genuinely the best of security guard companies in your area.

Want to hire the best? Search for security agency near me. We are the best security service in Edmonton. Security officers throughout the world are showing up for duty every day. They face increased public exposure and are at the highest risk rate. Guard 24 Security services have a special team that consists of brilliant and trained active officers.

We rank top on security guards companies near me. Our Security firm provides you the highest foolproof security at the most reasonable budget. We have an accountability management system in our company that makes us more reliable.

Professional Security Services, you can trust!

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