Why Do We Offer Pandemic Security Guard Services?

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Increased pandemic security guard services demand

COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak has proved to be one of the hardest times in the history of the world. Lockdown has turned almost everything upside down. Security guard services providers are a reliable helping hand for all amidst quarantine period.

Security services are backing up retails, banks, franchises, grocery stores, shopping malls, construction works, and, most importantly, hospitals. Security company Edmonton and Calgary security guard companies are deluged with hundreds of requests for security purposes.

How are Security guard services firms coping with the situation?

The person who never had now wants to have security. The demand for security services, especially in the health sector and small stores, has increased to a rate of 100%.

The general security guard services demand graph depicts a marked increase. New clients are demanding guards for COVID-19 screening measures. Not only this, long time clients are requesting additional personnel. It led to a considerable strain on security demands and availability ratio.

Security services Edmonton are hiring more and more new officers to meet the demand. Renowned security firms have changed their policies, with their officer’s health as the priority.

Guard 24 Security Services

Guard 24 is a WCB covered, the private licensed security agency. We started our services way back in 2015 as a full-fledged security company. Enjoying a notable reputation for the last 5 years, we offer quality best services in Edmonton and Calgary.

Battle against pandemic- Guard 24 Security Services

Guard 24 security guard services are determined to serve the people amid the COVID-19 lockdown. We are on top of the security guard companies Edmonton. We deliver beyond our client’s expectations. No pandemic can stop us from working.

Why we offer pandemic special security services?

Like other security agencies, Guard 24 has gone through some changes. These changes are accompanied by special preparations for the battle against Corona. We have had specialized training and developing sessions with our officers. They are confident, skilled, and trained enough to cope with the pandemic.

Pandemic security services for all

We offer our specialized services because we consider it our duty to serve the people. Our officers face a substantial shift in duty style and work hours. Workload has dramatically been increased. We have a particular team highly trained corresponding to the pandemic services.

Pandemic special services

We provide below mentioned COVID-19 special services:

  1. Healthcare Security Services
  2. Datacenter Security Services
  3. Retail banking branches Security Services
  4. Crowd management Services
  5. Store Security Services
  6. Construction site security Services
  7. Concierge Security Services
  8. Event Security Services

Our firm has the vision to serve all in this worst situation. More than 50% of our dedicated officers are working in hotspot areas to save the people. We work on a motive, Special Security Services you can trust. Your trust is our highest reward.

We offer these security guard services because we know how badly a store owner needs security to ensure discipline and health safety measures. Security service becomes most necessary in the red alert areas like the hospitals. Schools through closed but the property needs security. Continuity and safety of the business sector demand foolproof security.

Crime rate took a pretty huge spike during the recent few months. Thousands of people across the globe have lost their jobs due to the lockdown. The economy of the world has dropped down to a considerable extent. As a company, we have stepped into the field to fulfil our duties.

Reasonable and customer friendly charges

We know how to deliver the best security services at a highly affordable price. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. We believe that not a single dollar of your investment in us should go wasted. That’s the reason why we offer customer-friendly prices lower than our competitors. We don’t believe in mere business, rather we believe in reputation management.

We have over 500 satisfied clients in 25 cities in Canada. Guard 24 Security Services is proud to tell you that we have completed 200000 worked hours.

We have accountability management in our firm, and that makes us more reliable. Our trained officers work on an already planned firm’s strategy molded according to the demands. It’s genuinely the best security guards providing service in Edmonton and Calgary.

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Take Away

Security these days is very crucial. A small investment in security can save you and your business. Think wise while choosing the best security guard services that can meet your demands.

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