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Nowadays, it appears that any man of size may call himself a bodyguard or an Executive Protection Specialist. I get resumes all the time, and the information usually reads something like this pounds, forty time 4.5 bench press. Usually, there isn’t much more.The truth is that any time a client requires brawn, it signifies that someone hasn’t used their head. And that someone may be you if you believe this job is all about lifting weights and packing heat.I had the honour of working on a detail to protect former President Bill Clinton security services companies  during his visit to my state recently. Serving as an Executive Protege was a highlight of my long career.Now, let me tell you something extremely important: the Clinton detail team leader was around 5’8″ tall and weighed 160 pounds. Not exactly what you’d call physically threatening. He’s physically active, and he’s certainly better than the average EPS at skills that require direct confrontation—but here’s the thing.

He’ll probably never have to use those abilities

Why? Because an effective EPS will devote the majority of his or her time and energy on predicting possible issues. By planning for every possible eventuality, he is able to keep the person to be protected out of harm’s way, whether it be a President or the lead singer of a rock band. Working out at the gym takes up a lot of time.Knowing where the customer is going, knowing  security license edmonton where the emergency exits are, and preparing the route ahead of time are all examples of advance work.The capacity to adhere to instructions to the letter and speak clearly and precisely.

Detail-oriented: Always thinking ahead and planning

Ability to “mix” with others, so attracting less attention to yourself and, as a result, to your client.Discretion entails not disclosing ANY personal information about your customer to anyone.Let me go over the last one, which is discretion. Kobe Bryant, Anna Nicole Smith, and Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguards have recently opted to speak to the press about their clients. I hope the enormous payday they’re anticipating turns out to be a bust.It’s bad enough that celebrities’ lives are frequently held captive by the general population. They, like   security jobs edmonton  everyone else, have the right to privacy. As a bodyguard or EPS, you are expected to perform a specific task and are compensated handsomely for it…and, if I’m being honest, part of the rationale for the high salary is the expectation that you will keep your mouth quiet. Making extra money from books or news stories by disclosing embarrassing secrets about your boss’s personal life is greedy, and it undermines the trust aspect that is so important in this line of work. Indiscretion casts a negative light on everyone.

Choose your stance

Decide on the focus of your blog before you begin writing (often referred to as your niche). Ad material that is poorly disguised will not attract repeat readers or impress employers. Do you have knowledge or experience that you can share with your audience to educate or inspire them? Are you able to provide insightful analysis on industry news? Decide how you’ll add   video security system  value in a way that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Establish Your Personality

Don’t forget to add some personality once you’ve decided on an angle. Avoid generic posts and instead personalise them using anecdotes from your professional life. The best method to build reader loyalty is to let your readers get to know you. Pitch.Get People’s Attention.The title of a blog article is the first thing that readers notice. If the title of a piece piques a reader’s interest, they are much more likely to read it. While there are no hard and fast rules for writing attention-getting titles, prominent bloggers propose the following guidelines.Short, straightforward titles are usually the most successful, but you must offer  security guards company  enough information to alert the reader about the post’s topic. Using a shocking or controversial title to attract attention can also be beneficial, as long as the piece provides helpful information and does not try to trick the audience into reading.

Take advantage of social media

Don’t get stuck in a rut with your blogging: repetition is your enemy. Stay current with your industry’s news to keep your blog content fresh. To find new articles on a given topic, set up Google Alerts. Allow your blog to grow by experimenting with new ideas and taking chances. Invite guest bloggers to contribute, conduct interviews with industry leaders, include private security guard  video or a podcast, and make an infographic. Write about something you find on another blog or website and offer a link for your viewers on days when you don’t have an original article idea. Finally, if you’re writing for business or personal branding, don’t anticipate immediate results.

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