Must have a things for a vancouver security guard

Must have a things for a vancouver security guard

Examine the requirements on the website of your province.Before you begin the process of acquiring your licence, you must first review all of the standards set forth by the province in which you live. A set number of hours of  is normally necessary, depending on the province you are in. You will receive a “training completion number” after passing the , which you can use to apply for a security guard licence test.

Fill out an application for the test

You must schedule the test once you have  security services companies   received the “training completion number.” Following the completion of the booking, you will be given a date to take the security guard test. You will be required to submit appropriate identification and the exam will last approximately 90 minutes.

Prepare for the exam

Preparation is essential for passing this exam, as it is for any other. You will be more confident in your ability to write the exam if you are well prepared. Some jurisdictions offer practise examinations and other helpful materials to aid in your preparation.Each province’s passing marks may differ; check your province’s website to see what is necessary (provide in the links above).Get a digital copy of the book.You will be contacted if you pass the exam, and a copy of your security guard licence will be mailed to you. However, receiving a tangible copy of your security guard licence may take some time. As a result, get a digital copy as soon as possible and start applying for jobs. You can work as a security guard as long as you have a valid digital copy of your security guard licence.

Make a decision on your future

Depending on the area of the security sector you wish to follow, you may usually earn certifications to enhance your credentials as you security license edmonton advance your career in security and law enforcement. Most, if not all, of these certifications will need you to put in a particular amount of “work-time” in the security sector before you can even sit for the exam.Your entry-level security position can serve as a stepping stone toward the required number of hours of “work-time.” Even if your time as a security guard does not count toward meeting the certification requirements, your experience as a security guard will set you apart from other candidates.

Now we’re getting serious

To top it off, having some form of post-secondary academic background in law enforcement is ideal, but not needed, for securing those sought-after promotions. Of course, performance is important in getting promoted; nevertheless, it is easier to squeeze in time to ‘perform better’ than it is to acquire a degree or diploma in the long term – so plan ahead.Booking for the test.You are required to pass the ‘Basic Security Officer Training’ test before  video security system   you can apply for your license.

 Apply for security licence

Once you pass the test, the next step is to apply for the security guard licence. The fee to apply for the security guard licence could range from  (depending on the province).SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESSA career in security is described by many as rewarding and exciting. You have the ability to  private security guard  work in many industries and pursue an assortment of roles and responsibilities, such as;

Healthcare security officer

Mobile patrol guard

Loss-prevention officer

Campus security

Patient watch sitter


The opportunities are truly endless. It just depends on where your passion may take you. Get a head start on your career in security or learn more about the security industry by connecting with your local Paladin Security office.Paladin regularly hosts information sessions, hiring fairs, and open houses.

Find an upcoming event near you

Starting a career as a security guard will prepare you for a dynamic and exciting role where you can assist and protect the public, keep physically active, and discover many other rewarding qualities. Work BC provides some great information about what qualities and skills are required to become   security jobs edmonton  a security guard. Paladin also provides some great reasons as to why you should choose a security career. While there are many amazing reasons to start your career in security, there are a few first steps that you need to take to embark on your journey. This article provides some tips to help you answer some of the most common questions related to becoming a security guard.

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