Vandalism and theft at a construction site can cost you far more than the price of lost or damaged equipment and materials. Construction site crimes can also cause costly work delays, resulting in a shrinking bottom line and permanent damage to your company’s reputation. An unprotected construction site can be everything an opportunistic criminal wants and more. From highly valuable materials to sophisticated equipment, they are often full of exactly the kind of resources they want to get their hands on. They often have the vulnerabilities to offer easy access, too, filled with areas that have poor visibility and the right kind of cover to allow them to infiltrate. However, Guard24 – A Construction Security Services Company, your local best-rated security guard and protection agency on your side we will ensure your business is anything but an easy target.
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The Perks of Guard24 – A Construction Security Services Company
Professional On-Site Security Officer’s
High-Tech Patrol System Inclusive
Affordable & Reliable
24/7 Customer Service Dispatch
Licensed, Insured, & Bonded
ALL Services are custom-tailored to client Available requests
On-Time Always, Punctual Officers
On-Site Cell-Phone for your Residents to Call Security