Campsite Security Services

Alberta is popular for its oil sands with the energy treasure buried underneath. Guard24 is a security company in Canada, making sure the campsites are safe from all possible hazards. Guard24 security guards make sure they are equipped to handle all types of situations to keep your staff, crew members, and equipment safe. Our professional staff is equipped to provide medical and safety services along with campsite security.  We are the right fit to meet your camp security needs be it an open camp, a private crew, an executive camp, or a disaster camp. Our professional and highly trained security guards provide integrated security services in Edmonton, Alberta Campsites to protect against any kind of unforeseen situation.

Our services include:

  • Security and Protection Services
  • Camp Medical Services
  • Fire, Drug and Alcohol Watch Patrol
  • Marked Patrol Vehicle
  • Access Control & Vehicle Check-points
  • Traffic Enforcement and Speed Regulation‚Äč
  • Emergency Response Services