Bank Security Services

Financial institutions such as banks are more susceptible to threats due to the large amounts of money flow that takes place every day. To protect against this risk security is crucial for banks in order to operate optimally. It’s a challenging task to build layers of security for the building, employees, and customer information protection. It requires the right strategy for developing and implementing the perfect security plan.

At Guard24 we understand the importance of threats that banks face and we work tirelessly to implement the right strategy. Our bank security services experts have ample knowledge of financial institution security requirements and they work closely with the bank’s management to ensure they understand the needs, identify the potential problems in the system and deliver a plan following institution guidelines that ensure smooth financial operations.

Our bank security guard services include:

  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • Access control
  • Grounds patrol
  • Parking lot security
  • 24-hour watch and Alarm Response
  • Scheduled after hour patrols
  • Emergency response and planning