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How to Keep Your Warehouse Facility Secure?

Global pandemic Covid-19 had hit the world in an unprecedented way. At the start of the pandemic, the commodities and metals across the globe throughout the supply chain process got stuck. Ports and shipping lines remain stranded. Markets and shops were facing lockdown. During these times the warehouse security companies around the world were experiencing...

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construction site security calgary

8 Security Tips for Your Construction Site Security

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants and visitors every year to populate the different states and provinces. People come to join in the growing economy for better future perspectives. Large buildings, offices, and houses are constructed every year. The trends for high-rise buildings and the apartment culture have increased the construction duration sometimes the project ends in...

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How to Choose the Best Guard Security Company for Your Commercial and Residential Premises?

With the world running at a faster pace; residential and commercial happenings & surroundings have been changed in an immense way. Residential and commercial settings have been summed up in terms of large buildings, apartments, enclosed communities, plazas, malls, and corporate buildings. Guard24 is a Canadian-based security company in Edmonton helping to resolve security concerns...

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Home security mobile patrol plans

Home security mobile patrol plans

What exactly is mobile security (also known as wireless security)? Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable computing devices, as well as the networks to which they connect, are protected from risks and vulnerabilities associated with wireless computing by mobile security. What is the significance of mobile security? As the number of devices and the ways...

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